Thursday, May 14, 2015

Writing Vs. Writing: Life on the moon?

On Writing Vs. Writing, I compare stories that have not been published before. This story was going to be published, but it was put in using the class account. This meant that I could never publish it, or delete it, but thanks to Mr Sommerville, that post was deleted in 2013. So here we go!

Astronomical people talk about the Moon

Years ago,people looked at the moon wondering”Is there life on a different world like the moon?”In 1969, 3 astronomical scientists went on the moon with a spaceship to get soil.When they arrived back on earth and tested the soil but not one bug was in the soil.So no life exists on the moon.


Is there life on the moon? If so, how can we prove this?
In 1969 3 astronauts went to the moon. Neil Armstrong and Edward Buzz Aldrin went onto the surface, while Michael Collins stayed inside and piloted the spacecraft.

Their mission was to collect rocks from the moon, and bring it back for testing. They succeeded, and the scientists soon came back with disappointing results. No microbes were found, leading to the conclusion that life does not exist on the moon.

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