Saturday, June 27, 2015

Premature Thinkboard For Week 11

I was bored. It was 8:49 and I was in desperate need of something to do. after looking at inspirational quotes, I knew what to do. I went onto our class maths site, and got the Thinkboard for next week. I completed it, and here it is! The format is different, as the questions I wrote went everywhere. Let's see if you can complete the 10 questions I made!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 10 Maths Presentation #2

This week we have 2 maths presentations to complete. A few days ago I published the first one. Finally, I have finished this one. This one focused mainly around multiplying decimals. I hope that you like it. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 10 Maths Presentation 1

Once again, I have competed another Maths Presentation. This week we have 2 presentations, and I haven't completed the other one yet. I hope that you like it, and maybe even learn something new!

Thinkboard Week 10

Here is another thinkboard that I have completed. This week we are learning to add decimals together. 

The question for this thinkboard was 23.345 + 3.953. This equals 27.298. Place value is an important part in adding decimals, and it helped me to complete this question. Lets see if you can complete the 10 questions that I made!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Trip To Tiritiri Matangi Island

It was a cold Wednesday morning. Really cold. At 07:30 a.m., The yr 7 & 8 extension group gathered into the ICT room, and received our own blue translucent bottles. After being put into groups, we entered a shuttle bus which took us from school to Britomart. Once we arrived at Britomart we met a little team from D.O.C. (the Department Of Conservation), and together waited to board the ferry.

Once we arrived on the island, we were greeted by a lovely group of people who worked for D.O.C. We were told to go into our groups. Then we began our walk. Our guide showed us the blue penguins, then we took a hillside walk. The other groups had a less slope sort of walk than us, but we saw more species than they did.

Finally we reached the top of the island. Our tour was over and we ate lunch. Then we looked at the lighthouse. One of the other guides told us about the lighthouses history. We found out things that we most certainly didn't know before. Recently, the Tiritiri Matangi lighthouse celebrated it's 150th birthday!

We began our scavenger hunt. I didn’t get the chance to complete it as I was busy trying to match the tweet with the bird. That might sound easy, but it is actually very, very hard. Sadly, it was time to go back and board the ferry, and head back to Auckland. I only had 2 blanks to fill too!

So in conclusion I had an amazing day on the island and was glad to hear all the sounds of nature and its wildlife. Thank you D.O.C for sponsoring this event. I loved the island, and want to come back again.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maths Week 9

This is my Maths Presentation for Week 7. As usual there are word problems to start with then other kinds of questions. For the second time, there are volume, area and perimeter questions to do with measurements and shapes. I found this presentation quite challenging, because I don't know much about finding the surface area of shapes like prisms. I have to thank my dad for helping me with the questions, and showing me all the formulas for completing these surface area and volume questions.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Future Thinkers

This presentation is my activity that I completed for Literacy. For this task, we had to read the text Future -Thinkers by Pat Quinn and answer the questions that were given by our Literacy teacher. I would like to do another presentation like this again

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The New Inquiry Task

During our new rotations for Inquiry, we had to get into groups of 4-5 people. The challenge to choose things around the school that we want to modify. The groups we chose would be the same for the rest of the term. I got into a group with my friends, and then we started our first round of pictionary and charades.

After every round we would stop and talk about the word that we just told for our group. We talked about how they work and how people would do that job in the old days. It got our brains going, and ready for the task.

After morning tea, groups were sent out with iPads to look around the school at things that could be made better. Then, we put all our ideas into our group presentation and explained why we wanted to change them. My group had lots of ideas but we finally chose our top 4 and put them into the final ideas slide. It was hard to choose the top one because some of us said one, some said the other, but we soon decided what we wanted to do.

At the end of the day, we had time to share our group’s final ideas. There was still more to do on the presentation but we still have time. I really enjoyed this session of Inquiry. What are the things that we could make better? You will see soon enough!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

Last week in Literacy, we had the task of reading the poem, The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. We then needed to complete a presentation about the poem, and post it here. I won't give away anything about them, and to find out you have to read the presentation! I really enjoyed this task, and I would like to work with poems more often.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Triangle Addition Wk 7

This is my first Maths task for this week. We are learning to use our problem solving skills and knowledge of addition to make the given number at the top of the triangle. Our number this week was 5.283. Some numbers were already there and I put my numbers in the blanks. (Sorry, but I don't think you can tell easily what I put.) More of these will be coming soon.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Writing Vs. Writing: The Black Hole

This 2012 story was when we had a university student helping to teach Room 13. It was term 4, and we were learning about space. For the morning, we had to write down what we would want to do if we were astronauts. They were all read out, and were anonymous. One of the suggestions was to be the first on through a black hole. Everyone thought it was mine, but Thea actually wrote that. I took the credit for it, as I would talk non-stop about black holes.

So then Thea and I argued about who wrote it, and we even argued into the next task. The next task was to write a story about what we wrote. When I was busy writing the second line of the 2nd paragraph, Thea apologised to me and we decided not to be so harsh. I changed the sentence from 'I saw Thea get blown up by a meteor but decided to carry on' to "Overtaking Thea, I flew in the black hole while Thea came #2nd'.

Well, let's go!


I lost my GPS navigator

Getting on the Starship Enterprize, to launch off Central Africa I shouted “Where’s my GPS navigator!??!?!!?” 3, 2, 1.... BOOM! I hit the seat without putting on my seat belt.”NOOOOOOOO!!!” I screamed with horror.

What the! I smell Marshmallows! I shouted again. Overtaking Thea, I flew in the black hole while Thea came #2nd. Lee arrived 3rd. Unfortunately.

Then I decided to take him to the meteor wacth(unfortunately he didn’t go through the comets lie I did) but I led him to the Meteor Watch DO NOT PASS FIRE PAST THIS SIGN said the sign. Eh, You should see what it’s like in the DAYTIME!

Eventually we lived in a 5 star hotel and we lived a very great life. “Lee, have you seen my GPS navigator?”


"Wow," I thought to myself. "I get to use the new and improved Starship Enterprise all by myself! Ha ha, I will be first through the black hole after all!" I jumped right in. I searched for a G.P.S. navigator, because no matter what, I will get lost anywhere and everywhere. I sat back down in the seat, and accidentally turned warp mode on!

WOOOSH!! I was gaining extreme speed. I looked to my right. There was Thea! "Hurrah!" I shouted, knowing that I had beat her. The ship and I had protective materials on, so we weren't harmed by anything. My body was surging with multiple emotions. I made it. I saw a planet in the distance and decided to land.

My friend Lee landed on the planet around 6 hours later. After Lee landed on the planet, we got outside and decided to explore. There were large patches of fire around, so Lee and I decided to go back to Earth. On the way back, Lee and I were talking.

"Hey Lee," I asked. "Have you seen my G.P.S navigator? I haven't seen it all day. I might get lost, just like earlier!"