Sunday, June 21, 2015

Trip To Tiritiri Matangi Island

It was a cold Wednesday morning. Really cold. At 07:30 a.m., The yr 7 & 8 extension group gathered into the ICT room, and received our own blue translucent bottles. After being put into groups, we entered a shuttle bus which took us from school to Britomart. Once we arrived at Britomart we met a little team from D.O.C. (the Department Of Conservation), and together waited to board the ferry.

Once we arrived on the island, we were greeted by a lovely group of people who worked for D.O.C. We were told to go into our groups. Then we began our walk. Our guide showed us the blue penguins, then we took a hillside walk. The other groups had a less slope sort of walk than us, but we saw more species than they did.

Finally we reached the top of the island. Our tour was over and we ate lunch. Then we looked at the lighthouse. One of the other guides told us about the lighthouses history. We found out things that we most certainly didn't know before. Recently, the Tiritiri Matangi lighthouse celebrated it's 150th birthday!

We began our scavenger hunt. I didn’t get the chance to complete it as I was busy trying to match the tweet with the bird. That might sound easy, but it is actually very, very hard. Sadly, it was time to go back and board the ferry, and head back to Auckland. I only had 2 blanks to fill too!

So in conclusion I had an amazing day on the island and was glad to hear all the sounds of nature and its wildlife. Thank you D.O.C for sponsoring this event. I loved the island, and want to come back again.

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