Thursday, July 9, 2015

Back To The Present Pt 11: Back To The Present Pt 10 Was Not The End.

“No I’m not!” I replied. “Really?” asked Jordan. “What’s 9 + 10?”
“No, it’s 21! Everyone knows that!”
“Everyone’s stupid then! Get over it!”

Back To The Present

Pt 11: Back To The Present Pt 10 Was Not The End.

Jordan and I walked home after finishing our hot chocolates. The sun was slowly sinking behind the mountains, illuminating the sky in orangy yellow. “Aahh...” I thought. “Those were the days.” The last time it was a sunset, Jordan, MJM, Vaifoa, Lee and I defeated Herobrine.

It wasn’t a long way to my house, and Jordan and I weren’t in a hurry. Jordan had never actually been to my new house. After Herobrine pixelated it, some troll decided to use flint and steel on it. So my family had to move.
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I showed Jordan the wharf near my house. The sight was beautiful. “9 + 10 is 19, Jordan. That trend is old.” I whispered. “NO IT AIN’T!” Shouted Jordan. Angrily, he grabbed a gasping fish that had unfortunately found its way on the wood, and started chasing me with it. “I’LL KEEL YOU!” he shouted.

Fortunately, I did not live that far away, and soon enough, we were there. Lee and Vaifoa were waiting angrily. “Oops. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting.” I apologised. Jordan swung his fish at me, but using my peripheral vision, I spotted him and dodged. The fish hit Vaifoa smack bang right in the face, knocking him into the door that I just unlocked.

The door was pushed open, and we entered. My parents were not home; they went with my sister to Britain as she was performing there. Everyone came in, and after locking the door, I looked for the Monopoly game.

I hadn’t used Monopoly in a long time, and we all assumed that it was in the basement. The basement was my dad’s quickly built lab. It had many things. When I went down, I saw something. It was a helmet. I looked closer. It was the FutureVision 1.98©.


My dad was so happy. “My little daughter is going to perform in Britain!” Dad cheered delightfully. No one knew what he was talking about. “Put the helmet on, insert the time you want - no further than 13 months - press view, and you will see something from that time happen!” I heard Dad tell my mom.

I decided to be the second one to try it. I inserted 13 months. I was going to push it to its limit. I pressed view. All of a sudden, It seemed like I was transported into the future. It was only VR, but it was so real. But what I saw was shocking. Herobrine was back, and ruling the pixelated world.

I yanked the helmet off. That was not expected. Herobrine already got 17 pages in ‘Herobrine’s Attack’, so he shouldn’t be returning! I walked over. I saw my old netbook, plugged into a weird obsidian machine. My old netbook was also plugged into the charger. The charger was like life support. Take the charger out, netbook dies. But I still turned it on. All of my Minecraft worlds were saved, even the one with the entire universe on it.

I clicked on that world. Last time I played on it, I was on the island fighting Herobrine. I opened the world, to find out that there was a giant zombie there and a dirt wall on its side. “My house.” I thought.

All of a sudden, the computer switched off. I looked behind me. Herobrine was there, holding the unplugged charger, looking at me with a malicious grin on his rectangular face. “H-hey Herobrine...” I stuttered. “One quick question. WHAT ARE THOSE!?” I shouted, pointing at Herobrine’s shoes. As Herobrine looked down, I ran.

I raced up the stairs, just escaping the expanding pixelation, screaming “Herobrine!” I ran and grabbed someone by their collar, leaving the other 2 two be pixelated. I put the person on their feet, just to find out that it was Lee. “Really?” I thought. “Eh. That’ll do.”

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