Thursday, July 2, 2015

Building Ramps

This term our Inquiry was titled ‘Tinkering Tools And Toys’. Our learning was focused on making things better around our school. Our mission was really to find a problem and solve it!  This meant going around the school in groups of 3-5, taking photos of things we thought could be changed, remodelled or upgraded or even built by us.

My group had many ideas as we went around the school. We first had to memorise them, and once we got back to class, we put all our ideas down in a presentation. Next we had to vote on our top 4 ideas. In the end, our top idea was to build a ramp by the Whare Fono - A cultural/meeting place in our school for parents and staff, and the practice area for the Kapa Haka group.

Our reason for this was because people in wheelchairs could not get up the stairs, therefore creating problems as people like our Kaumatua, who is in a wheelchair, could not enter.

Our presentation was getting pretty full by now, and there were still plenty of things that were needed to be added. Our next step was to make measurements of the ramp. Since each step had the same measurements, I did the ramp measurements for just one step and then duplicated it 4 more times.

After our calculations were finished, we took photos on an iPad, and then using an app called HyperStudio, we edited our static images to show what we were aiming to achieve. We then proceeded to make before and after pictures showing what the final product would look like.

H4 treated pine decking planks was our chosen material because it wouldn’t rot in wet conditions. We found this out on the Mitre 10 Mega website, and after researching it on other hardware sites, we could confirm that H4 treated pine decking does not rot in wet conditions.

The presentation was now in it’s final stages. We added our timeline of changes and our challenges. Along the way our group took screenshots of all the work we had done, and put it into our presentation.

Finally our presentation was complete. Our final touches were made, and we were ready to present it to the rest of the year 7&8 students. We were one of the first groups to go, and we went well. Success!

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