Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back To The Present Part 12: The end is near! (in a different context)

“Really? I thought. “Eh, That’ll do.”

Back To The Present

Part 12: The end is near! (in a different context)

Lee and I finally reached a safe spot. Huffing and puffing, we contemplated over our current position in this ordeal. We then thought about what we could do to stop it. “The time machine is broken.” Lee murmured. “I know.” I replied.

I looked around. I saw a homeless man across the street holding some paper. “The end is nigh!” he shouted. “Wow.” remarked Lee. “The crazy old man is right. Wait, is this a movie?” Lee looked around for cameras. I grabbed Lee by the collar, and we jumped into a parked car near us.

There was a hairpin in my pocket. After doing my research, I knew how to unlock a lock with a hairpin. Success. We drove off, leaving the pixelation behind. I was underage, so I had no driver's license on me, or the knowledge of how to drive. Out of the blue, a UFO landed right on the fender on the car. In shock, Lee and I jumped out the car.

It was MJM. “What the heck! Get lost you pest!” Lee shouted angrily. Lee hadn’t met MJM yet. “Calm down. He’s a friend.” I reassured Lee. MJM opened the lid. “The butterfinger people are back! They’ve gone sour, and bread can’t stop them!” MJM complained. Lee jumped in. I followed. “Let’s go.” I said, lowering the lid and taking off.

Lee and MJM soon settled their differences. I was piloting the UFO to a safe zone. But the pixelation was covering everything. I saw an island with a volcano in the distance. Obviously I forgot what happened in Herobrine’s Attack Pt 7, because the giant zombie that smooshed Herobrine before yanked us down, and smashed us into the ground.

We all woke up later, having been knocked out. The zombie was going through the broken UFO, looking for us. Lee was sleeping, and I was trapped underneath a giant shard of metal. MJM dragged Lee into the dirt house, and after encouraging himself, he ran back out and tried to lift the shard off of me.

Screenshot 2015-08-03 at 21.16.55.png

The zombie saw MJM and reached down to grab him. The zombie missed, and grabbed onto the wreckage, lifting it up, enabling me to run. From a horizontal view, it probably looked like one of the old 2D scroller games, when the characters are running away from objects being chucked at them. But it did not feel like that at all.

Luckily we made it into the house. Lee looked at the zombie, smiling. “Hah! Can’t get us now!” he shouted. The zombie did not accept that, and it sat on the house. Because the house was made of dirt, it crumbled underneath the weight of the zombie.

“Whadda we do!?” panicked MJM. Lee and I thought for a while. We were the ones who made the house, so we had to think of a way out. Then Lee ran. MJM & I, oblivious to Lee’s plan, followed.

Lee had remembered about one of the tunnels that we had dug way back in Stranded Pt 2. The tunnel was connected to a cave, and the cave had zombies in it. “Who’s going first? I asked. We couldn’t make up our minds, so I had to come up with quick plan. “Paper Scissors Rock?” I suggested.

MJM lost. Lee and I waited anxiously as he jumped in. No reply. I stuck my head in when I heard a crash. The house was in smithereens, and the only way out that we knew of was through the cave. Lee went next. I was going to go as well, but I missed the jump and fell down the hole.

I was trapped next to some gold in a very deep hole. It was boiling, and the ladders Lee and I used to get out the last time were broken. Luckily there was an old pickaxe there as well. “Time to mine.” I thought.

I soon came out in a cave. I looked around. I saw the exit up ahead. Light shining, I was almost there. Behind me seemed to be a mosh pit of dead zombies. Confused, I turned around and headed for the opening. The end was near! (in a different context.)

All I had to do now was jump a little hole, and I’d make it. I leaped, only to find that it was a terrible jump. I paused, looked down at my demise, and then proceeded to fall. “I need to go back in time and hit myself.” I commented.

Then all of a sudden, a future me came out of nowhere and hit me. “That’s for failing!” I shouted. I then disappeared. “Wish granted.” I thought. I soon landed at the bottom.

And there they were. Staring at me were MJM and Lee. They failed the jump too. “Don’t judge us.” they said.

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