Tuesday, August 18, 2015

GEGNZ Student Summit

In the days leading up to the event, we were split into two groups, and both groups were presenting about different things. One group was presenting about PENN, our school news network, and my group was presenting about the google apps used in our school.

Google apps are used widely around the world. They are also being used in schools like ours. The Year 7&8 extension group went to the first ever GEGNZ (Google Education Groups New Zealand) summit on Wednesday at Hobsonville school.

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Everything was fitted into 4 sessions. Each session certain groups would present, while the rest of us would go to our workshop, led by one of the presenting groups. It was really fun. We got to do cool things like make music with playdough using scratch. My group was presenting in session 3. I spoke about Google spreadsheets and Hyperstudio. Hyperstudio isn’t a google app, but is used a lot at school.

I enjoyed my time there at the GEGNZ. My highlight would be activating music by wiring up some playdough. I enjoyed the day and I would like to go to another one sometime soon.

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