Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Double Disappearances

“Wheesh! Chuff Chuff!” I cheered happily, pretending to be a train. I would always play outside on sunny days with my toys. It was great fun, attempting to mimic the characters on the TV show. “When I grow up,” I constantly told my parents, “I want to work on that railway!” My sister would always say, “You’re too careless! You’re sure to leave something behind!” she was right.

As a child, I grew up with Thomas The Tank Engine. I loved playing with the trains, especially the trackmaster set ones. Every day, I would get up at around 8.50 a.m. to watch season 7. My collection expanded rapidly, until I had almost every single train in the series.
Until one day, I lost a train.

I played with the trains mostly outside, and it was a lot of fun for me when an engine sank in the rails, and I had to send James or Gordon to pull them out. The back yard was almost completely full of dirt back then, and everyday you could look back and see lines all over.

My sister used to swim at the beach with her swim club, and my parents took me as well. They always brought two trains with me to play on the sand with, and I would always be sad when we had to go.

One day, I was playing on the sand with Thomas and Percy. I took Percy along the lines when he shifted off the lines I had made with Thomas. I went back to find Thomas to go help Percy. But when I got to where Percy was, Percy was nowhere to be seen.

I ran back to my Mum and Dad, and informed them of what had happened. I gave Thomas to my parents, and ran back to Percy’s last seen spot. I dug, I looked around, my parents did too, but I could not find Percy. I felt so sad. I have not seen that Percy ever since. But to make up for my loss, they bought me a new Percy to play with. I haven’t lost that one, and I don’t intend to either.

When I got the Percy, I decided to keep him inside the house at all times. So now I would only ever play outside with Thomas, James, Mavis, the Troublesome trucks, Brake van, and Duck. I was paranoid of losing another train. But soon, my paranoia became smaller and smaller.

I went to go play outside with Duck one day, when I let him roll into a small hole. I was then called in by my mother. It was lunch time, and she had made some noodles. I ran in hungrily. When I finished, my sister turned on the TV.

I sat down to watch with her, when I remembered. My trains were still outside. I ran out. I saw James lying on the grass, and the trucks that were still in the hole. I grabbed them all and ran inside.

That night, I had a bad dream. I dreamt of Duck, and how we got him. It scared me, and the next day, instead of watching the reruns on TV, I disobeyed the routine and ran outside. Duck was gone too.

Although I have never found Duck nor Percy, I have learnt to never play outside with the trains. For the next 8+ years, I have playing with all the trains, inside the safety of my room.

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