Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Rhyme

Miko was eating buttered popcorn and watching TV. He was the lazy sort. Usually when there is a deadline on a school task, he gets it started and finished in usually one minute.

Today, Miko was being his lazy self when he had a late realisation. Tomorrow was when he had to present his project to the class, but didn’t know what to do. They were all given a subject, and they had to show the class a how-to on that certain subject. Miko had chemistry. When Miko realised his time was almost up, he rushed onto the internet, looking for information that would bamboozle the class.

Miko thought that if he had really complicated content, no-one would understand and ha could come up with random gibberish halfway through. So he did.

The next day, Miko was not paying attention at all. He did try his best to stay focussed, but he just preferred zoning out. Soon it was his turn. Miko got up, went to the front, and tried to look as professional as he could. “Uuhhh.... just one second.” Miko told the class.

Miko dashed to the science lab and grabbed some random chemicals, without the knowledge of any of them. “Uhhh... helium, methane, water, diethylzinc, that should do. Wait, I need more.”

Miko soon made it back, and told everyone what he was going to do. “Today, we are going to watch me perform an extremely complicated experiment. Nerds, this will be too advanced for you. And the teachers. And Albert Einstein.”

Miko was uttering plain nonsense. “Class, this is a glycine-nitrate reaction with precursors of barium nitrate, zirconyl nitrate and yttrium nitrate. This forms BaZr0.8Y0.2O3.” Miko was actually saying the steps of an actual chemistry experiment with a cool reaction, but what he was doing didn’t match a single bit.

The nerds in the class were angry, and so was the teacher. “And that’s it!” Miko said proudly. “Any questions?” “YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT!” One of the nerd screamed. Miko quickly thought of a comeback. “That’s a statement, not a question!” Miko replied.

In Miko’s class is Darfol. Darfol is always late, as he has to run far distances to get to school. He was almost there, but trouble was also approaching. Back in class, Miko was getting angered by the nerds. Miko got so mad, he accidentally knocked over his test tube with all the chemicals in it.

Just as that happened, Darfol ran through the door. “Sorry I’m late, I wa--GAHH!!” he screamed. “OOH!” the class shouted. Darfol seemed alright, but his skin quickly absorbed the chemicals. “Miko......” the teacher angrily said, “Come with me to the principals office. Vernon, you’re the smartest here. Take over the class for a while please.”

After that moment of catastrophe, the day carried on like usual. Vernon, the teacher’s pet, also the smartest, stuck up nerd ever, was bossing everyone around, Miko wasn’t in class, everyone was grumpy, and the teacher gave them even more homework.

Then next day was a Friday. Everyone loved Fridays, as no homework would be given out on those days. Miko cheerfully walked in school, with a massive grin on his face. No more chemistry in front of the class.

Things were really out of order though. Darfol arrived 32 minutes before the 8:30 bell rung. And being Darfol, that was extremely unusual. “You’re early!” Miko joked. “I have to be,” said Darfol, “If I want to win, you’ll see! Oh no! I did it again! Help me stop, or it’s the end!”

Miko was in awe. “The end of what?” he asked. Another student walked by. “Hello you, Mister 5 foot 2. How do you do? Not again! I’m so stu--” Darfol rhymed. Miko ran for it. “Aliens!” he screamed in horror.

Darfol went to the health specialist later that day. Besides Darfol and the rhyme, everything was the usual Friday. Miko was in detention, the teacher had a surprise pop-quiz for everyone, and everyone was just plain happy that it was a Friday.

Later, at 3:00, Miko was finally released from detention. He walked out to find everyone not talking. They were rhyming. Left, right and center. Miko covered his ears and ran all the way home.

Miko knew something was wrong. Luckily, Vernon was so full of himself, he recorded his presentation and forgot to stop it until Miko had his accident. He had also uploaded it to social media, making it easy for Miko to find out what he did.

Miko did all that he could to find out the chemicals from studying the colours, to reconducting it with electron microscopes, but he just couldn’t figure it out.

The next day, Miko had around 160 hours to study the chemicals and find the cure, as the town had a parade in the middle of the city that day. Miko’s parents always go, with or without Miko and leave him home alone for the next 6 days with keys to the house.

Screenshot 2015-06-02 at 20.21.29.png

Miko was able to get most of the chemicals, but there was just one chemical that he couldn’t find. It was 7 hours until his parents got home, and 1 element to go. Most of the rainbow colours were showing, except for red. “Hmm. What chemical could be mixed to add the red in the rainbow?” Thought Miko. “Aah! Of course! 202 milligrams of ⁶Helium!”

The thing about Miko is that he knows a lot about chemistry. His dad was a scientist. Miko just needed to plan, and he would be the best at chemistry in the class. And Miko knew that ⁶Helium has a half life of 806.7 milliseconds. He had to be quick.

He went into his dad's lab and quickly grabbed 201 milligrams of ⁶Helium and poured it into the glass bottle. “This feels like Witchcraft for some reason.” Miko said to himself. He put a cork in the top and shook it. “Bam. I’ll call this the Rainbow Potion.” Miko remarked.

He removed the cork. Someone had entered the house. “Miko, where are you? I have a video game, woo woo!” rhymed an unknown person. Miko knew instantly that it was Darfol. Miko ran as fast as his legs could go, and smashing into the wall, he realised that the door was pure iron.

Miko opened the lab door and shoved the glass bottle into Darfol’s mouth. Darfol was quick to swallow. “What was that? It’s disgusting!” Darfol spluttered. Miko smiled. There was still some left. “It works! Darfol cheered. “What are we going to do now?” he asked. “I don’t know.” Miko replied sadly. “I guess we will have to stay here for the rest of our lives.

“Why?” asked Darfol. Miko took him upstairs, and they both looked outside. They were deteriorating, until they looked like rainbow zombies. A dog was running around. I didn’t rhyme. It only barked. The zombies attacked it, turning it into a half-dead multi-coloured dog that barked in a harmonised tune.

“We can only stay here.” groaned Miko. “No escape.”

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