Wednesday, November 4, 2015

11th Birthday - Writing Test

I jumped out the car with some supplies and ran. I swerved around a few corners before I had reached the spot. It was a marvelous sunny day at Mission Bay, and most of my friends were waiting there. At 8.30 a.m? They are amazing! “Happy Birthday Iisa!” they chanted.

I smiled, and carried on to help set up the small area we had. My parents carried the big heavy loads, like the tables and the barbeque, and my sister and I carried all the food.

After helping to set up, I sat down next to Faauia, Jordan A, Lee and Vaifoa. It was a rather small party, but I didn’t care. It was my 11th birthday, and almost always spend it with just family members. Now I had some friends to spend it with. Once we got through the greetings, I sat down with the others and talked about any subject that popped into our minds.

Soon enough my dad commenced the setup of a game. It was soccer, and everyone joined in. The teams were quickly chosen. It was going to be my sister Mariam and the parents against all of us kids. But the opposition wasn’t satisfied, so we transferred Jordan over into their team.

We play club soccer at home, and at school we play it on the field, so both teams were evenly matched. But soon enough, our team drew ahead. Until my dad went into goal. It was difficult to get past him and score, but now it was near impossible.

Until of course, everyone else arrived. Brandon had arrived too, and he was eager to play soccer. One 7 or 8 minutes had gone past, my dad and sister were tired, and we stopped the game there.

We had grilled chicken, steak and fish for lunch along with sodas. My grandparents had brought chips and lollies too, so we gobbled on that too. A few of us had brought our togs with too, incase we decided to take a dip. So Lee, Jordan and I all changed, and we jumped in the sea.

The other 3 didn’t have togs, so they played on the sand. Skimming rocks across the water is what they did. Unfortunately, the rocks were being tossed over at us! So now what started out as playing on the sand and swimming, had now become a dodge-rock game! “This is what you get!” Brandon shouted in a comic tone. “You never swim after you eat!”

Luckily for us, we were dodging well, even though the water was slowing us down. Until, Vaifoa chucked a rather big rock. With a near hit to Lee’s face and a gigantic sploosh, we were out. The three of us changed back into our clothes, and joined the others, skimming stones and shells across the sparkling, slightly translucent blue sea.

After that, it was time to have cake. After an unharmonised ‘Happy Birthday’ song, I blew out the candles. My mum divvied up the cake, and we ate it all up. Now it was time to open presents. I was given lego toys to add to my giant city in my room, and other toys like water guns. Some family members that had arrived gave me money along with a birthday card.

Once I thanked everyone, I thought of a game that we could play. I filled up the water gun, and gave it Faauia. “Let’s play Cops and Robbers!” I shouted. Faauia had to shoot us with the water, while the rest of us had to escape. It was a fun game.

Once everyone was drenched with salt water from the sea, we played tag on the playground. We slowly dried up, and then the parents came to pick up their children, 1 by 1. Now that everyone had left, my parents decided to go too.

It was a wonderful day, one that I won’t be forgetting soon. I had a great 11th Birthday.

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