Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back To The Present #13: Time Travelling Boat & Theory Of Time!

And there they were. Staring at me were MJM and Lee. They failed the jump too. “Don’t judge us.” they said.

Back To The Present:

Part 13: Time-travelling boat

We looked around. We had fallen into another poorly lighted cave system. Lee and I could see faint silhouettes from the walls of the cave. MJM, on the other hand, had no trouble seeing. He could see every scratch, cut, crevasse and other systems.

“How can you see everything so well?” Lee asked. “Well,” answered MJM, “As you may have remembered, everything on our planet is made of cheese, so the ligh--” MJM was interrupted by a screaming Lee and I. “Run! The pixelation!”

The pixelation was quite reckless. Instead of last time, it was causing the cave to collapse, and sent square blocks flailing everywhere. I saw an abandoned mineshaft up in the distance. There were some old torches, emitting enough light to be seen from a distance.

The mine shaft was connected to cave that was on top of the island. We soon ran back to the hole we had failed so miserably on. “We won’t make the jump!” shouted MJM doubtfully. But I had an idea. I shoved MJM onto the hole horizontally, and as I expected, He hung on like a human bridge. Lee and I ran over, and as I crossed over, I grabbed his tail, pulling him away and onto his feet in an instant.

But the pixelation hadn’t stopped. It followed us quickly. Luckily, Vaifoa had left his old boat lying on the shore, and so we jumped in. I shoved lever up to full power, and we wooshed off. Lee looked back. There was a tridecahedron battery lying in the back. “Hey, look at this!” Lee said. The two of us switched places, and while Lee drove, I fitted the battery in. “Let’s hope this works.” I thought cautiously.

With an electric spark and a whoosh, we were racing through space time, in a boat. Soon enough, we were 10 minutes back in time, giving us a huge amount of time to flee to the shore.

There was a car in a parking. MJM and I transferred the battery while Lee hooked the boat to the pier. Lee walked up, obviously contemplating something. “What’s wrong?” MJM asked thoughtfully.

“Oh, nothing really.” replied Lee. “Just thinking. What is the time-space thing’s purpose?” I stopped working, thinking of the answer. Then it hit me. “I know!” I shouted. “What is it?” asked Lee & MJM simultaneously. “My theory,” I continued, “Might explain the space-time area we go through.”

Back To The Present:

Part 13½:
Theory Of Time:                                 Copyrighted by me

There are multiple parallel universes. By going really fast, and with an electric spark, one can break through the space-time fabric and travel into the next universe.

Going back in time
Your friend trips over. You go back in time to stop them. But, you are actually going through a wormhole into the next universe. Because of the speed you are going at to make the leap possible, you are reversing time to the desired moment. And now let’s say you stop your friend from tripping. This creates a domino effect in the other universes.

If you want to go back in time again, then you go into the next universe, and it creates a domino effect in the other universes, and so on.

That also means that there is still a universe that not only does your friend trip over, you also magically disappear forever in the universe you left. But don’t worry, there will never be 2 of you in the same universe. The domino effect will continue, and the you from the universe you go into, will go into the next universe.

Going forward in time
Going forward is pretty much the same as going back. No explanation needed.

“You do need an explanation for going to the future!” protested MJM. I didn’t care. The car was done, I was out of paper, it had been 9 minutes and I wanted to leave. “No time to explain.” I told Lee and MJM. “Jump in.”

They both jumped in, and I slammed the pedal. We zoomed through the countryside. “It’s amazing how little cars there are.” commented Lee. ZWOOP! We entered space time. I started to slow down. “1... 2... 3... 4...” I counted out loud.

“What are you doing!?” shouted Lee. “We are going to slip through dimensions!” I replied. “5... 6... 7... 8... 9...”

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