Saturday, November 28, 2015

Back To The Present Part 14: Zombie Choir, Pixel Duel, and Multiverse!

“We are going to slip through dimensions!” I replied. “5... 6... 7... 8... 9...”

Back To The Present
Written By Iisa

Part 14: Zombie Choir, Pixel Duel, and Multiverse!

“10!” I shouted. As the wormhole closed, we slipped through, bringing us into what looked like spheres stacked on each other in a way that we could see all of the universes.

“My theory was right!” I cheered. MJM and Lee looked at me funny. We looked back at all the universes. We could enter any one. I looked at the first universe. Vaifoa, Jordan and I were nowhere to been seen. That was because we had time travelled. MJM, Lee, and everyone else were there.

But something was wrong. Everyone looked like zombies, and we saw two people stuck inside. “Let’s go!” shouted MJM, and he slammed the gas pedal. ZWOOP! We were back in the first universe. The zombies were singing.

Normally zombies just grumble, but these zombies were singing cleary.
“Open the door and let us in!
Leaving us out is a sin!” They sang. Then the zombies saw us. “No no no...” I said hysterically, backing the car. “I don’t want another musical number!”

“Look out!” shouted Lee, who was facing backwards. The car hit something. I turned around too, to see that we had knocked over a boy. “Hurry up Miko!” another voice shouted. “Who are you?” I asked them. “Miko and Darfol!” They shouted. The climbed in. “Hey!” shouted MJM. “Get o--” “JUST DRIVE!” Miko shouted.

I slammed the gas pedal. We soon escaped the crowd. Majority of the zombies were surrounding the house, so we had time to rest. We asked Miko and Darfol about what was going on. They explained what had happened.

I looked around. Besides the zombies, everything was peaceful. No pixelation, no me, no Jordan, no Vaifoa. I looked in the boot of the car. MJM, Lee, Miko and Darfol were all talking about their lives. I walked back over to them. “Everything alright?” Lee asked. “No.” I replied. “Follow me.” We walked over to the car.

“There is no Herobrine here because I’m not around to let him out.” I told Lee. “I could stop the zombies, but Jordan and Vaifoa won’t be here.” I climbed in the car. “Plan?” Lee asked, as we reached 4969km/h. “I’m going to stop Herobrine from coming out of the computer. Then, I’m going to make myself get rid of the blueprint.”

ZWOOP! We were back in space-time. After clipping through space-time, we were back by the universes. We went into the universe after the one where we had left Jordan and Vaifoa to be pixelated.

We went 13 months into the future. There was Herobrine, ruling over everyone. Lee jumped out. Herobrine looked at Lee. I hid underneath the car, so that I couldn’t be seen. “Herobrine, I challenge you to a duel!” Lee shouted. “Fine.” smiled Herobrine, thinking that victory was indisputable. He teleported Lee and himself somewhere. I jumped out the car and looked around.

We had to win the duel, and fast. Soon, I would be putting on the helmet and seeing everything. Everything was pixelated, and people were in Minecraft form, except for Lee and I, so we wouldn’t be recognised. I saw a command block in the distance, with a lever attached to it. I entered the code: /tp Iisa Lee , and flicked the lever.

I was by Lee, and I was holding the two items. Quickly, I entered another code and gave Lee an overpowered diamond sword. The battle began.

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