Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Alien Teachers

This poem was made during my spare time in the first school block. Mrs Tele'a had gone to a meeting, and we had another teacher in her place. After several people were getting yelled at, I finished my work and decided to work on this poem. It's from the view of a 6-7 year old child, because, I kinda thought about school the same way.

Early each morning as the sun rises,
The aliens put on their human disguises
Acting as teachers and going to school
So that soon the world is what they rule.

Many parents say that there is nothing to fear
And that the end is nowhere near
But all the children know that ain’t true
They are coming to destroy me and you!

The school day takes away 6.5
Hours a day of our youthful lives
To manipulate our thoughts about alien life
And instead tell us that we are the trouble and strife

Pretending to be sick and not going to school
Does seem wrong, but it is cool
Because we don’t get the wrong information
And we can then learn how to save the nation

But as we get older we realise
That our minds have been deprived
Of the knowledge that we all once knew
Teachers being aliens was not true!

Staying young is the only option
In order to stop this alien construction!
So now I tell you boys and girls,

Stay young! Save this world!

1 comment:

  1. great poem Iisa - sounds like you do just fine when the teacher is away :)

    Mrs Burt