Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Back To The Present: The full story

This is a story that I have been working on since June 30th 2014 - December 1st 2015. I have been posting each part bit by bit, and now to celebrate it's finish, here is the full story! Enjoy the 54 page long story!

“You’re crazy.” said Jordan.

Back To The Present - Full Story!
Written & Illustrated By Iisa
#1: Tomato sauce and seconds!

“I will not go back in time with you or Vaifoa again.” “C’mon,” I replied, “I have the blueprint.” I was right. I did have the time travel car blueprint.

I pulled out my netbook from my bag. I had just replaced the keyboard. “Hey guys!” said the cheerful Vaifoa. “I was in Norway for 31,536,000 seconds!”

Jordan and I just stared at Vaifoa. I started to do calculations. “That’s a year.” answered Vaifoa. “Wait,” said Jordan. “How’d you know we were here? In the internet Cafè?”

“Courtesy of email.” I replied, showing an email I sent to Vaifoa a few minutes ago. I then showed them the email from those advertisers. The time travel blueprint.

“So you really do have it.” replied Jordan. “But why go to the future? We’ll probably mess it up and break the car again.” “That’s why it’s the future. Mess something up and won’t tear any wonky holes in any fabric of space and time.”

Jordan and Vaifoa now stared at me. They looked at each other, just avoiding eye contact, and then back at me. “I have most of the supplies.” said Vaifoa, showing some supplies in his hands.

“Why did I agree?” Jordan groaned, knocking some pieces in place. The car almost done. “Let’s get that tridecahedron battery!” Vaifoa called cheerfully. We all scrambled in the car.

“Do you have a drivers licence?” asked Jordan. “No.” I replied. “I’m 11 years old. They won’t even let me try.” I started driving. “Say, whose key is that?” asked Vaifoa. I looked away. “Oi!” shouted a man running behind the car.

VROOMM!! I hit the gas pedal. The car went at 180 km/ph. It was nowhere near its fastest, 5000 km/ph. Coincidentally, there was an approaching store. The name of the store was ‘Tridecahedron batteries and other stuff’.

Jordan leaned over the edge, and grabbed a tridecahedron battery from a passerby. Vaifoa opened the front and implanted the battery. With a massive boom, the car sped across the tar so fast that there were flaming tire tracks.

Vaifoa was hanging on for dear life. All that kept him from flying away from the car was his seatbelt. “So these do save lives!” panicked Vaifoa. Jordan pushed Vaifoa’s feet into the car. Vaifoa clambered in.

We raced past a cop car. WEE-OOO WEE-OOO!! went the sirens. Jordan looked back. “We’re stuffed.” he said. Either the cop car was on steroids, or our car was slow. Nope, the car was on steroids.

“Stop in the name of the law!” shouted a cop. “Wait, the law has a name besides law?” asked Jordan sarcastically. I looked up. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen. “Jeez...” I groaned.

SCREE!! I wasn’t paying attention to the road, and accidently drove off the edge of a hill. The trees we passed got set on fire. “Economic vandalism.” gulped Jordan.

The cops stopped. As they got smaller, they called for a helicopter. 1 second later, they arrived. Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam went the bullets. Yes, we were being shot at.

KABAMMO!! A nuke was dropped nearby and exploded. “Do you really go this far!?” shouted Jordan. “At least there’s no erupting volcanoes.” replied Vaifoa. But up ahead was...

A volcano. Jordan slugged Vaifoa in the arm. We rode up the rocky terrain, just avoiding the lava. We flew over the top, in dramatic slow motion. “How do they do it?” asked Vaifoa.

Dramatic music started playing. I looked to my side. There was a band floating in mid-air. “What are you doing?” I asked. They ignored me and kept playing.

BANG!! We landed on the other side. Everything sped up. I saw a giant mushroom. “Is this Mario?” asked Vaifoa. I swerved, but I knocked it high into the air. “Meh.” said Jordan, staring at the police and the band.

Clouds started billowing above. “Where are we going?” asked Jordan. “Somewhere away from here!” I shouted. The car had still managed to maintain the needed speed of 5000 k/ph.

Lightning flashed. It hit the cop car. “Seriously?” asked Vaifoa. Lightning struck again. This time it hit the band. “What?” asked Jordan. The 3rd strike hit the lightning rod.

“Finally.” I complained. We went to May the 29th, 2064. “1,576,800,000 seconds in the future!” I cheered. “Wha? No fair! The seconds was my thing!” complained Vaifoa.

We thought we were safe, but it turns out we weren’t. It was most likely that the cops passed the case of the speeding down from generation to generation. Why? ‘Cause the cop still chased us.

I saw them, and sped away. We crashed through windows and bricks, and all those other things people love driving into. I had terrible driving. Even Jordan told me.

“Your driving stinks!” shouted Jordan. “I do this in the video games! I’m a reckless driver!” Jordan and Vaifoa were shocked. There was a long silence, even when we drove through the glass, knocking screaming people over.

“Lemme drive!” shouted Jordan, trying to grab the wheel. Because of that, we missed the jump. We all unbuckled and jumped. KABAM!! A person that flew off from the car blew up.

“What the!?” shouted Vaifoa, turning around. SPLAT! We landed in a kitchen, on the worlds largest tomato sauce packet. Sauce flew everywhere. On the chefs faces, on Jordan and Vaifoa’s faces, and on my handsome face.

“Ugh!” I groaned, hearing the wailing of the cop cars.

#2: Future fishing!

I grabbed the others by their hands and jumped down the long fall. “We’ll be safe!” I shouted. I soon saw the distance. The bottom was out of sight. “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” I whispered.

I looked at the others. Jordan & Vaifoa were dipping some hot chips in each other and eating them. I shriveled in disgust.

I looked down. The end was still nowhere in sight. “How do these people breathe?” I thought. I looked up. There was a falling cow. Jordan and Vaifoa looked up too. “Some future.” Jordan complained.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 12.17.38.png

I had an idea. I told Jordan and Vaifoa. “NOW!” I shouted. We all went into streamline mode. We shot through the air. HOOK! Vaifoa was hooked by a fishing rod and pulled up.

Before anyone else said anything, Jordan and I landed in the car. BAM! Lightning struck the rod. Jordan and I were in space-time. I hit the pedal, no seat belt tying or anything. We only had ten seconds to escape.

We were in March 29, 1964. The march morning was cold, and a biting wind whipped the dark clouds across the sky. Rain fell steadily, like it must’ve for weeks past, filling ditches and puddles.

“I know what happened today!” shouted Jordan. “Uhh... Radio Caroline becomes the United Kingdom's first pirate radio station!” I jumped out. The car landed in a deep ditch. Jordan jumped out.

“Now what?” asked Jordan grumpily. I looked to my right. There was a train. It was an E2. Sorta like Thomas The Tank Engine. I climbed on. As Jordan climbed on, I started the train.

Surprisingly, it had everything it needed to start. “How does this thing work?” I asked no-one in particular. The train started moving. Fast. It had trucks coupled behind.

“Runaway!” Jordan cheered. The train sped onto a tram line. “Please be old and abandoned... Please be old and abandoned...” I groaned. NOPE! It was a tram line that connected to the main line. “Jeez...” I groaned.

The trucks were filled to the brim with coal. I looked around. There was no-one to be seen. I looked at Jordan’s watch. It said 8:24 a.m, but the sun was just partially over the horizon, gleaming as much as it could.

It had to be around 5:38 a.m. But then I remembered. It was around 8:24 when we travelled. I searched the controls for a brake and reverse. I soon found the brake as we slid past a junction.

I soon found the reverse too. “Nice sunrise.” complimented Jordan. As we went backwards, I noticed something was wrong. I looked outside. We went the wrong way on the junction.

It was most likely a switch malfunction. I hastily searched for the forwards switch. I found it and instantly applied it. But most of the trucks were down the hill, dragging the train down.

No matter what the train did, it slipped down. I looked back. It lead to a dodgy looking bridge that was over a big river. Jordan went to uncouple the trucks. He didn’t know how to without losing a hand.

I was freaking out. The hill was steep. If I jumped off, I’d roll into the lake. I looked at the trucks. At the end was a brakevan.

I told Jordan. “You go.” Jordan growled. So I did. I climbed onto the truck. I bravely walked over, truck to truck, shivering. I was at halfway when...

SNAP!! The coupling rod broke, sending the other trucks running away. The train sped up immediately. I fell off. Luckily, I just managed to grab ahold of the chain.

I looked back. Instead of the bridge collapsing into pieces, the trucks sped over the bridge, stopped at the hill on the other side, and started rolling back.

I was trying to get up. Scraping against sleepers and gravel was painful. The trucks were coming up faster than the train. Bam! The buffers from the trucks save me.

I hastily coupled the trucks with the chain I held onto. The trucks pushed the train over the hill. “How d’ya reverse?” asked Jordan. “Uh oh.” I groaned.

The train slowly slowed down. That allowed me to climb to the side. I didn’t let go of the things I held until I was on top of the truck.

The train went on the other hill. It raced down. The train was going fast; there was going to be a derailment. I ran above the trucks to the brakevan. I got in.

Pulling the brake hard, the train slowed down. I clenched my teeth. I then ran back to Jordan. The train went so fast, that sparks from the brakevan set it on fire!

“Why didn’t the bridge collapse?” I asked myself.

#3: You’re Not Emma!

I looked to the side of the train. I then did calculations. “Flaring brakevan... + 8 coal trucks leading here... =... OH GOD JORDAN WE HAVE TO ESCAPE!!!!” I screamed in horror.

Panicking to the future and back, I looked on the side of the train. There was a fire extinguisher. I ran to the brakevan. KKKKK! I put the fire out.

The bend was approaching. I ran back, but tripped on some coal. I rolled off the trucks. Rolling down the hill helped me gain more speed than the train.

Screenshot 2014-07-15 at 11.02.08.png

“Weeeeee!” I trembled. I was breaking records here. Luckily, Jordan figured out how to reverse. The train slowly climbed it’s way back up the hill, leaving me. “Stop spinning!” called Jordan.

“You do it!” I replied, speeding down. PLOOSH!! I rolled straight into a lake. I instantly stuck my head out from the water. “POOH!!” I spat, spitting water out.

I started climbing up the hill. At the top, I tripped over. I started rolling down the hill again. “HALP!” I shouted.

A few minutes later, I was the top again. I followed the tram line to the shed. It was in pieces. I looked at Jordan. “It went a bit too far okay!?” He shouted.

I looked at the field. There were many ditches, one which had to have the car. “Get ready for some dirty work.” I told Jordan.

“Over here!” I yelled to Jordan. “Finally! After 53 minutes!” replied Jordan. We tugged and tugged, but it was no use. I saw a long chain lying by one of the ditches.

I picked it up, and attached one end to the back of the car. Then I attached the other end to the back of the train. I climbed in. The train started again.

Slowly but surely, the train pulled the car out. When the job was completed, we scrambled in. “Time to save Vaifoa.” I said heroically.

With a massive roar, the car sped across the rough terrain like children’s play. It was already raining, and lightning struck the rod. ZWOOP! The car entered space-time.

We sped straight through space-time and exited on December 24th, 2064. We were falling again. With a massive smash, we landed. On the bottom floor. I looked around.

There was Vaifoa, all strapped up in what looked like a torture machine. “Vaifoa!” The two of us shouted simultaneously.

A man landed in front of us. He was bulky. “Hubba hubba hubba!” wheezed Jordan. “Shush!” I scolded, knocking Jordan with the back of my hand. “You’re not Emma!

We both charged at the man. SMAK!! We were both smacked backwards. “Wait,” he said. “Fruit’s done. This fruit gives me power.” He grabbed it, and ate it. His muscles got bigger.

“That’s not good.” I thought. SMAK!!! We were getting knocked everywhere like pinballs in a pinball game. Once we hit the ground, Jordan reached for something in his pocket. He ripped a tag off it.

“What are you doing?” the man asked. “THIS IS CHRISTMAS, MELON FARMER!!” Jordan shouted, and threw a grenade right in the man’s mouth. KA-BAM!!! He blew up.

“Explosion of flavour, too.” added Jordan.

#4: Wrong Punishment

“Enough jokes.” groaned Vaifoa. “Get me out. Please.” I rolled my eyes and untied him. “What does this do?” asked Jordan. It was a camera sort thing.

He pressed the red button. GZUURRT! Vaifoa and I were shrunk down. “Oi!” shouted Vaifoa. “Get us back to our normal size!” Before Jordan could do anything else, there was a loud knocking on the door.

Jordan peered through the keyhole. He was shocked. He ran, scooped us up, and hid behind the board. BAM!! The cops broke the door. Jordan shoved the two of us in his pockets.

The cops grabbed Jordan, and chucked him in their floating cop car. Jordan tried to fight back, but the cops kept tasering him. And Vaifoa and I.

Later, we woke up. In a jail cell. “Great.” said Jordan. A cop walked by. “Heh. Tomorrow you’ll be decapitated.” “WHAT!?” shouted Jordan. “Speeding doesn’t end in decapitation!”

“Tough luck.” chuckled the cop. He walked away. “We’ll free you!” I shouted to Jordan. “Here’s the plan.” “Right.” replied Jordan. He now knew what to do.

Another cop walked past. Jordan blew us on the cop. We hitched a ride. “This is awesome!” cheered Vaifoa. I stared at Vaifoa. “Okay,” he replied. “It’s indisputable, but let’s take a vote.”

The cop had the keys. I tried sliding down. I fell off. Desperately trying to get back on, I whistled at the top of my 0.1 millimeter lungs.

Vaifoa heard. He turned, just to see me running. He looked up all of a sudden. He tried to signal me something. I didn’t know what he meant. If it was ‘go faster,’ then he obviously didn’t know how hard it was.

But then a shadow started covering me. I turned around. There was a cop, walking right behind me. He couldn’t see me, so he was going to unexpectedly squish me to death.

I was sprinting with all my might. I slowly gained distance. But then the cop spat out the gum he was eating. Straight at me. I stopped. The gum just missed me.

But the cop kept walking. His shoe went straight down on me. But I wasn’t squished. I was in the treads of the shoe. “Ha ha!” I shrieked with joy. I got up and started dancing.

Clink! I heard. I turned around. Vaifoa had successfully taken the key off. But he couldn’t pull the key. So I ran to Vaifoa. After straining very hard to pull the key 10 cm, I noticed something.

Vaifoa and I grew a bit. “Whoa!” we cried. The keys were much easier to tug now. We were soon full size again. So we ran to Jordan. But as we got to Jordan’s cell, three cops walked around the corner.

“Oi!” shouted one. The three ran at us. Vaifoa hastily tried to unlock the door while I distracted the cops. The cops didn’t stop chasing me. The soon cornered me in the worst room ever: the one with the guillotine.

They slowly got me in the machine, just to torture me. “Last words?” asked one cop. “I hope you will soon come to realise that the rop is too thick.” I replied. “Ha ha.” chuckled the cop.

He let the blade drop. I shut my eyes. There was only one way to live. The guillotine fell on the rope. The rope saved me. I could now fidget out. The cops were quick to realise.

The started to chase. I tried to find Jordan and Vaifoa, or at least their cell. But I couldn’t find it. It was like going through a hedge maze. I kept looking around. They were nowhere to be seen.

So I decided to run outside. But the place I ended up in was worse. It was a hedge maze. I didn’t know what to say, so I facepalmed. “T-this is perfect.” I groaned.

But I managed to give the cops the slip. Panting, I sat down. In the middle of a three-way intersection. I curled up. I started to close my eyes when I heard something. My eyes quickly opened.

It was a cop. “He must be here somewhere, there is no exit!” I gulped. Since I was in three-way intersection, they could surround me. I had to escape. So I ran. I soon found the way out. Jordan and Vaifoa ran into me when I ran past a bend. “How’d ya escape?” asked Jordan. “There was no exit!”

“Easy.” I replied. “I went through the entrance.”

#5: Escape

“Okay.” replied Vaifoa, looking for a way out. “What to do?” I had an idea. “Follow me.” I called, running down the snaking aisles. Jordan and Vaifoa did, and we all ended in the guillotine room.

I picked up the blade, and ran back to the hedges. Lots of cops spotted us and charged at us. I kept cutting them as I ran. Soon we reached the hedge. We sliced our way out. But that was a terrible mistake.

We ran off the edge. Off a giant cliff. Above the clouds. “Uh oh...” I groaned. We fell down. “AAAAAAA!!” shrieked Vaifoa. “AAAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAA--- I’m bored.”

“Me too.” said Jordan. Everything was peaceful. The landscape and the slowly setting sun was perfect. We slowly fell to the clouds. “Aahh...” I smiled.

SMAK! SMAKY!! SMAKITY SMAK!!! We all hit the metallic clouds. I looked closer. We were on the car. “Hurrah!” shouted Jordan. Then, I saw it. In the car was... Lee!

“What?” I said, puzzled. “I thought you died! What? Didn’t you read Stranded or Herobrine’s Attack?!” “I came back from the afterlife. Like Herobrine. Oh yeah, when you saw me, I was sleeping.” Lee replied.

“No fair! You’re in the wrong story, bub!” shouted Vaifoa. “Déjà vu.” I said. “Now let’s go!” I got in the driver’s seat, and started driving. We were going faster and faster.

The cops came in their flying cars. “Put your hands up!” shouted a cop. “How do expect me to drive, then!?” I screamed back. A cop shot a taser at the rod. ZWOOP!! We entered space-time.

“Take that!” shouted Lee. We sped across the blue and black ground. The rod fell off, and tore a hole in space-time! The gaps closed, leaving us stuck. “Oh deary me.” groaned Jordan.

We fell down the black hole, into a two dimensional world. Soon I figured where we were. In an arcade game. The game was a racing game. “What now?” asked Vaifoa. “We’re all pixelated.” worried Lee.

A light turned on. More cars came. The light was a starter light! “If we win, we might escape!” I said optimistically. The green light shone. I slammed the speed pedal.

WOOSH!! We sped off. “They won’t catch up.” chuckled Jordan. “We’re at 5000 mph!” A car caught up. “Are you serious?” asked Jordan.

The race had begun. We swerved, sped, and rode up hills. This car would not stop. “JUST PLEASE STOP!! YOU’RE RUINING OUR CHANCES OF LEAVING!!” Lee shouted.

I soon figured it out. You couldn’t win by speed. You could only win by not crashing. I sped around bends and careered over lawns. Some homeowners would get out, and I’d ride over them.

“Ooh. A bit gory.” complained Vaifoa, looking at the blood and body bits fly on other riders faces. “R-13.” said Lee. “I’m hungry.” groaned Jordan. I rolled my eyes. “I’ve got gummy bears!” Lee shouted.

That got everyone’s attention. “GET THE GUMMY BEARS!!!” They screamed.

#6: Get the gummy bears!

“Ho no.” said Lee. “DRIVE!” I was speeding. Everyone was dying to get it. Something had to be done. “It’s licorice flavour!” I shouted. Everyone except stopped in disappointment.

“Hurrah!” shouted Lee. There seemed to be dark, rain clouds over them. “Awww... I feel for them.” Vaifoa said with much sympathy. “If they knew it was orange.” All of a sudden, lightning struck and everyone started chasing us again. “Nice going.” groaned Lee.

I saw the end. It was getting closer. Jordan thwacked the packet out from Lee’s grasp, into the sea. An orca jumped out, ate it, and landed back in the water. Everyone skidded to the water, and started beating up the orca.

We crossed the line, and were zapped into the future again. “Hooray!” cheered Vaifoa. We were on the bottom floor. The cops smashed the door down. The lights flickered. It turned off. The shrink-thing wrapped it’s robotic tentacles around the cops. They could not move.

Jordan and Lee were suddenly paralyzed. Vaifoa and I weren’t. The tentacles wrapped around them. As Vaifoa and I ran, we figured out what had happened.

The robot was stopping everything that it HADN’T shrunk. Vaifoa and I had to do something. CRUNCH! The cow from Part 1 fell on it. “MOOOO!!” It screamed in distress. Everyone could fidget out.

The 4 of us all scrambled to the car. I hit the pedal, and a spark from the robot sent us to the present! But then we landed in an ocean.

“This car needs fixing.” remarked Lee. “Can you fix a car with a tridecahedron battery?” I asked. Lee said no further. We both started working on the car.

I looked down into the deep blue sea which glistened under the bright sun. It was peaceful. I took in a deep breath, and calmed down. The others weren’t. They were yelling, panicking, and crying. I rolled my eyes in frustration.

“We’re siiinking down! If the last thing that we do! Is eat a trout! I’ll put it in a stew!” sang Lee. “Shush.” replied Vaifoa. I saw an island up ahead. We sailed over to the island, and soon climbed off.

The car could not drive, it had too much water in the engine. “Great.” I murmured. A U.F.O turned up above us. I groaned. “This will get worse.” “Hey!” shouted Lee. “A trout!” “I rest my case.” I replied.

#7: Utter Nonsense!

The U.F.O shot a giant rock at the water. A size big enough to kill us all. A hatch opened up and the aliens said, “We’re sorry to learn that you will soon be dead. Although you may find this slightly macabre, we prefer your extinction to the loss of our job.”

“So!?” remarked Lee. “How much do you get paid?” “$2 a day.” replied the aliens. “I get paid... uh... wait. I don’t have a job.” said Jordan. FWOOM! Another U.F.O vaporised the main U.F.O into smithereens.

A man got out. “Who are you?” Jordan asked unmannerly. “E.T, or Impo.” E.T replied. “Oi!” I shouted. “You were supposed to die in E.T pt 4!”
“Oh... that...”
“You should know!”
“But they also showed me a First Aid Kit...”
“How did I not record this stuff?”
“I don’t know......” “Don’t worry,” sympathised Lee. “He thought I was dead too!”

E.T kindly rolled down his ramp, and we all got on. Lee helped me push the car on. We were just about to leave when I noticed something. Jordan wasn’t here. I ran to go find him. “Don’t ditch me, I don’t want Stranded recreated!” I thought.

So I walked around. I heard lots of noises in the dark forest. Soon I saw a broken house. I got closer. Jordan had eaten most of what seemed to be a half-eaten candy house. “Hansel and Gretel.” I thought.

I could not find Jordan anywhere. Then I heard a rumble. I looked up. The volcano was erupting. “Shoot.” I groaned. “This is becoming Stranded!” I ran through the dark woods, through the murky swamp water, and charged through the falling styrofoam apples. “All the fruit is fake!” I groaned.

Everything was dimming. I ran into Jordan. Actually, it wasn’t. Some falling rocks fell and took down the trees. Light shone, revealing who the silhouette was. It was a witch. “Hi, ugly!” I spoke. “Ooh! That’s rude! You’re pretty...ugly.” I grinned and ran.

The witch was mad. She started chasing me down. “I’m being chased down by a witch! Mmm, mmm, mmm. Should I run or should I hide? No, I’ll hit her with styrofoam apples!” And I pelted her with apples. Jordan ran past.

So I ran with him. Soon the U.F.O was in sight. A bit further to go. I tripped over a rock. “Uh oh.” I said. I instantly went into tuck and roll. I rolled into the ship, and E.T took off.

On our flight, E.T and I started up a conversation. “So why was I supposed to die?” asked E.T.  I tried to avoid that question. E.T did NOT need to know. He was trying all sorts of persuasive speaking. At last I lost patience. “I hate having to put a dot in your name. It’s annoying. So, you had to die.”

E.T was sad. He looked back to the front. I felt guilty. “Can I call you Impo instead?” I asked.

#8: Backup Crew

Screenshot 2014-10-15 at 12.41.35.png

I looked at E.T. “Shoot he’s hurt. What should I say? Why are you green? No that’s racist!” I thought quickly. Soon I found the word. “Extinguisher!” I shouted out loud. “Shoot no!” I thought. “E.T hates them!”

“Uhh... You’re good at flying...” I murmured. “Thanks. I am one of the best.” E.T spoke, grinning. Vaifoa rolled his eyes. “Huh! I could drive better than you anyday E.T!” He snorted.

E.T looked over. It was a challenge. “Get out my ship.” he snapped. “Wha!?” panicked Vaifoa. He grabbed an extinguisher. “Here. Do you want amnesia?”  E.T was shocked. Accidentally, he flew the ship towards a whirlpool. “Oops.” groaned Vaifoa.

The ship was weak, and fell down towards the spinning water of doom. “Halp!” shouted Jordan and Lee. But it was no use. We sank down into the depths of the deep blue sea. “Whee!” I cheered nervously. Nobody looked at me.

Smak! A trout hit the window. Lee hit the window. “Where is my stew-maker?” he asked. E.T bravely searched the buttons. Soon he found a button that would help. He smashed it. The ship soon came on it’s own power and flew. I looked over to Jordan. He looked sick. “Y’know,” I said, “You did get a choice. You chose to come with us.”

“A choice I regret.” replied Jordan rudely. “What cheek!” I spluttered. “That Jordan is too big for his boots!” “Uh Oh...” groaned E.T. “We’re being chased by those other aliens!”

E.T swerved around the rays. He was good. But then they hit us. Just barely. But no-one was piloting the ship. So I ran to front and took over. I was not really ready. My failure to drive the ship made us dodge the bullets. My mistakes were helping us.

Jordan was shocked. “I don’t feel well...” Vaifoa groaned. An alien hopped on the back of the ship. Lee and I grabbed some fancy schmancy ray guns and took off. The alien was massive. I looked at the ship behind us. “Take care of the ship, Lee!” I shouted as I jumped on the ship.

The ship was dark and slimy. I was petrified. “You should really clean up this place...” I suggested. An alien spotted me. And another. More and more saw me. They slowly approached me.

I tried to run, but my foot hit a rock, and I started to fall over. I was spinning around. I pulled the trigger and held it down. All around me, aliens disintegrated. “Hurrah!” I called out loud. Once they were down, I went to the cockpit. “How do these movie directors know what the inside of an alien U.F.O looks like?” I asked in amazement.

A giant alien stomped in front. “Oh dear...” I groaned. BAM! A giant beam of radioactive rays streamlined through the alien. In shock, I turned around. Jordan was standing there. “Oh yeah.” he smirked.

Jordan and I carried on running. Soon we found the cockpit. “I’ll open the door.” I said, slowly approaching the door. “NO!” shrieked Jordan. He shot the door into smithereens. “Someone should take that away from you.” I scolded.

Jordan had shot the fuel tank. The U.F.O was doomed to blow up. I turned around. “Uhh... Let’s go that way.” I told Jordan. “No!” shouted Jordan. He jumped, slid, and smashed through the window.

“Who do you think you are?” I asked, following. I jumped onto our U.F.O. I was surprised. Lee and Vaifoa did a good job. All of a sudden, Lee shouted out in horror. “Mayday!”  “What!?” hesitated Jordan.

CRASH!! We crash-landed in a steak-store. Nom nom nom... I suddenly heard. I looked behind me. There was Vaifoa eating some steak.

#9: I am E.T Impo.

“Save me some!” I replied, hungry as. Vaifoa looked over to me. He grinned. “Have this one.” I was about to take a big bite when a Lee jumped and ate the entire steak.

“Oi!” shouted Jordan. “That was my part!” E.T got up, dazed and confused. “What happened?” he asked. So I told him everything. E.T was surprised. “Well well. I never thought the elders would come to kill me.” “Why?” Vaifoa asked innocently.

“Rinko was my homeland. There was an obsidian tower that reached high into the firmament. On top, was where the elders were. When Mitch pressed the button, the explosion must’ve sent the elders up and away too.”

“Wait...” replied Lee. “Are you sure that the planet blew up? Because you’re here.” E.T was shocked. “My god! You’re right! It may have been the button to let the elders leave!” He walked to the controls. “Let’s go back to Rinko.” he said. We flew off to the distant planet.

We soon landed on Rinko. We all got out, equipped with weapons. There weren’t many aliens. Many aliens suddenly rushed out and started firing at us. “Look!” shouted E.T in surprise. “There’s the button!”

E.T and I rushed to the button. We climbed up with all our might. We were soon at a platform with the button. A giant alien landed in front of us. BAM! It punched E.T and almost threw him past the edge. He grabbed onto the ledge.

I started shooting the alien. Soon I was out of bullets. BAM!! E.T shot the alien’s head right off. “Woah!” I remarked. E.T walked up to the button. “This button will kill everyone that is an alien.” he said. “Even M.J.M?” I asked.

“No.” E.T smiled. “Just our race. That...” “...includes you?” I asked. “Yes.” said E.T. “But I had a good time with you, Mitch and the others. Goodbye.” E.T lifted his finger. “What!? No!” I shouted. E.T took one last glance at me.

“All this happened because I got the bedtime wrong. No matter what contradictions lie here, let it stay. Remember this.“ He pressed the button. "Remember this." he continued. "I guess you don't understand. I don't want you to understand. As long as you have your friends that believe you can do it, you can do anything. Like me. Don't grovel over my death. For ever and ever, I am E.T Impo.”

I saw all the aliens were beginning to disintegrate. I watched in sorrow. E.T was gone with a smile.

“E.T... died for us.” I groaned. The others came up in the U.F.O. “I-Iisa?” asked Lee. “What’s wrong?” asked Vaifoa. “Let him have some time to himself. C’mon.” replied Jordan. They softly flew away.

#10: Finale Battle?

I didn’t know what to do. Or say. E.T was gone, for each and everyday. Jordan came back. “You alright? Lee went to explore and Vaifoa went to the bathroom.” “I turned around, remembering E.T’s words. “For ever and ever, I am E.T Impo.”

I begun to walk in the ship when BAM!! It was shot down. I jumped back hastily. “Jordan!” I shouted, not really caring about Vaifoa. The hatch to the ship opened. Out came two aliens. “Who are you?” I asked.

“Why, I am Weqast and this is Verrunkgovle.” replied Weqast in a formal manner. “We have come to enslave you and dominate the world.” “What!?” I replied. I saw their ship pick up the broken ship with Jordan and Vaifoa in it.

“Rrr...” I murmured angrily. “They might be dead.” I thought. The ship started to close me in. I walked back until I hit the wall. “Come on in... We won’t bite.” taunted Verrunkgovle. I looked around, unsure what to do.

“I know!” I said, with a light shining above my head. I grabbed it before it hit me. “Ha ha! Won’t get me this time!” I shouted. I threw the light to the glass of the ship. Then I jumped. “Whee!” I yelled.

I hadn’t planned he landing thoroughly though. I was pummeling towards the ground. “Of course!” I thought. I unzipped my jacket and held onto the sleeves. “Hurrah! Thanks Vaifoa!” I cheered.

It wasn’t enough, though. I splatted onto the hard ground. “Ow...” I groaned, getting up. My left arm was in pain. I scanned the area, hid, and checked my arm again. “Oh dear... It’s broken.” Things were bad.

Jordan and Vaifoa were captured, my arm was broken, and E.T was dead. A green light suddenly shone on me. “You’ve left it to this.” spoke Weqast. “If only E.T were here.” teased Verrunkgovle.

I looked up the dark slender tower. I’ve been climbing before, but this would be a life or death situation. “CLIMB!” I screamed in my head. I started scrambling up the wall. The ship flew up, as if it were a race.

But I didn’t go further. This was the best spot to hide. My foot slipped, and I fell to the bottom. The ship came too. But this time, I was definitely stuck. I had no choice. I jumped, smashed through the window, and started fighting.

Lee came too, and soon we were overpowering the aliens. “Ha ha ha!” shouted Weqast. He picked up a gun. “One hit and you’ll be incinerated!” He was quick to aim. But before he could pull the trigger, Jordan kicked it, hands behind back, onto the ground. “Not today!” Jordan chortled.
Weqast started battling Jordan who could only use his feet, which enabled me to get the gun. “Goodbye!” I laughed, pulling the trigger. ZAP! Weqast and Verrunkgovle were no more. “What happened?” Vaifoa asked, confused.

“Don’t worry.” assured Jordan. He climbed into the seat, and we were off. Later, we landed back on Earth. Everything was back to normal. We had landed near the internet cafè, just before we took off.

We watched as we left in the time car. “It’s a shame it was destroyed, again.” I said. “But, I need a hot chocolate.” So I bought some for the 4 of us.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” I asked. “You were shrunk, then tasered, fell onto ground et cetera, and you liked it?” asked Lee. “Hey, we saw Rinko!” interrupted Vaifoa. “And almost died there.” replied Jordan.

“This is pointless.” I said. “Let’s go home and play some Monopoly.” “Sure.” the others agreed. “If you guys win, I’ll buy you more hot chocolate.” I promised.

“Sure!” they replied enthusiastically. Lee and Vaifoa got up and walked to my house. I was with Jordan. “And after this,” I said, “We could make the car again!” Jordan looked at me. “You’re crazy.” he said.
Screenshot 2014-10-15 at 14.54.50.png

#11: Return of the Herobrine

“No I’m not!” I replied. “Really?” asked Jordan. “What’s 9 + 10?”
“No, it’s 21! Everyone knows that!”
“Everyone’s stupid then! Get over it!”

Jordan and I walked home after finishing our hot chocolates. The sun was slowly sinking behind the mountains, illuminating the sky in orangy yellow. “Aahh...” I thought. “Those were the days.” The last time it was a sunset, Jordan, MJM, Vaifoa, Lee and I defeated Herobrine.

It wasn’t a long way to my house, and Jordan and I weren’t in a hurry.

Jordan had never actually been to my new house. After Herobrine pixelated it, some troll decided to use flint and steel on it. So my family had to move.Screenshot 2015-06-28 at 21.08.52.png

I showed Jordan the wharf near my house. The sight was beautiful. “9 + 10 is 19, Jordan. That trend is old.” I whispered. “NO IT AIN’T!” Shouted Jordan. Angrily, he grabbed a gasping fish that had unfortunately found its way on the wood, and started chasing me with it. “I’LL KEEL YOU!” he shouted.

Fortunately, I did not live that far away, and soon enough, we were there. Lee and Vaifoa were waiting angrily. “Oops. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting.” I apologised. Jordan swung his fish at me, but using my peripheral vision, I spotted him and dodged. The fish hit Vaifoa smack bang right in the face, knocking him into the door that I just unlocked.

The door was pushed open, and we entered. My parents were not home; they went with my sister to Britain as she was performing there. Everyone came in, and after locking the door, I looked for the Monopoly game.

I hadn’t used Monopoly in a long time, and we all assumed that it was in the basement. The basement was my dad’s quickly built lab. It had many things. When I went down, I saw something. It was a helmet. I looked closer. It was the FutureVision 1.98©.


My dad was so happy. “My little daughter is going to perform in Britain!” Dad cheered delightfully. No one knew what he was talking about. “Put the helmet on, insert the time you want - no further than 13 months - press view, and you will see something from that time happen!” I heard Dad tell my mom.

I decided to be the second one to try it. I inserted 13 months. I was going to push it to its limit. I pressed view. All of a sudden, It seemed like I was transported into the future. It was only VR, but it was so real. But what I saw was shocking. Herobrine was back, and ruling the pixelated world.

I yanked the helmet off. That was not expected. Herobrine already got 17 pages in ‘Herobrine’s Attack’, so he shouldn’t be returning! I walked over. I saw my old netbook, plugged into a weird obsidian machine. My old netbook was also plugged into the charger. The charger was like life support. Take the charger out, netbook dies. But I still turned it on. All of my Minecraft worlds were saved, even the one with the entire universe on it.

I clicked on that world. Last time I played on it, I was on the island fighting Herobrine. I opened the world, to find out that there was a giant zombie there and a dirt wall on its side. “My house.” I thought.

All of a sudden, the computer switched off. I looked behind me. Herobrine was there, holding the unplugged charger, looking at me with a malicious grin on his rectangular face. “H-hey Herobrine...” I stuttered. “One quick question. WHAT ARE THOSE!?” I shouted, pointing at Herobrine’s shoes. As Herobrine looked down, I ran.

I raced up the stairs, just escaping the expanding pixelation, screaming “Herobrine!” I ran and grabbed someone by their collar, leaving the other 2 two be pixelated. I put the person on their feet, just to find out that it was Lee. “Really?” I thought. “Eh. That’ll do.”

#12: The End is near!
(In a different context.)

Lee and I finally reached a safe spot. Huffing and puffing, we contemplated over our current position in this ordeal. We then thought about what we could do to stop it. “The time machine is broken.” Lee murmured. “I know.” I replied.

I looked around. I saw a homeless man across the street holding some paper. “The end is nigh!” he shouted. “Wow.” remarked Lee. “The crazy old man is right. Wait, is this a movie?” Lee looked around for cameras. I grabbed Lee by the collar, and we jumped into a parked car near us.

There was a hairpin in my pocket. After doing my research, I knew how to unlock a lock with a hairpin. Success. We drove off, leaving the pixelation behind. I was underage, so I had no driver's license on me, or the knowledge of how to drive. Out of the blue, a UFO landed right on the fender on the car. In shock, Lee and I jumped out the car.

It was MJM. “What the heck! Get lost you pest!” Lee shouted angrily. Lee hadn’t met MJM yet. “Calm down. He’s a friend.” I reassured Lee. MJM opened the lid. “The butterfinger people are back! They’ve gone sour, and bread can’t stop them!” MJM complained. Lee jumped in. I followed. “Let’s go.” I said, lowering the lid and taking off.

Lee and MJM soon settled their differences. I was piloting the UFO to a safe zone. But the pixelation was covering everything. I saw an island with a volcano in the distance. Obviously I forgot what happened in Herobrine’s Attack Pt 7, because the giant zombie that smooshed Herobrine before yanked us down, and smashed us into the ground.

We all woke up later, having been knocked out. The zombie was going through the broken UFO, looking for us. Lee was sleeping, and I was trapped underneath a giant shard of metal. MJM dragged Lee into the dirt house, and after encouraging himself, he ran back out and tried to lift the shard off of me.

Screenshot 2015-08-03 at 21.16.55.png

The zombie saw MJM and reached down to grab him. The zombie missed, and grabbed onto the wreckage, lifting it up, enabling me to run. From a horizontal view, it probably looked like one of the old 2D scroller games, when the characters are running away from objects being chucked at them. But it did not feel like that at all.

Luckily we made it into the house. Lee looked at the zombie, smiling. “Hah! Can’t get us now!” he shouted. The zombie did not accept that, and it sat on the house. Because the house was made of dirt, it crumbled underneath the weight of the zombie.

“Whadda we do!?” panicked MJM. Lee and I thought for a while. We were the ones who made the house, so we had to think of a way out. Then Lee ran. MJM & I, oblivious to Lee’s plan, followed.

Lee had remembered about one of the tunnels that we had dug way back in Stranded Pt 2. The tunnel was connected to a cave, and the cave had zombies in it. “Who’s going first? I asked. We couldn’t make up our minds, so I had to come up with quick plan. “Paper Scissors Rock?” I suggested.

MJM lost. Lee and I waited anxiously as he jumped in. No reply. I stuck my head in when I heard a crash. The house was in smithereens, and the only way out that we knew of was through the cave. Lee went next. I was going to go as well, but I missed the jump and fell down the hole.

I was trapped next to some gold in a very deep hole. It was boiling, and the ladders Lee and I used to get out the last time were broken. Luckily there was an old pickaxe there as well. “Time to mine.” I thought.

I soon came out in a cave. I looked around. I saw the exit up ahead. Light shining, I was almost there. Behind me seemed to be a mosh pit of dead zombies. Confused, I turned around and headed for the opening. The end was near! (in a different context.)

All I had to do now was jump a little hole, and I’d make it. I leaped, only to find that it was a terrible jump. I paused, looked down at my demise, and then proceeded to fall. “I need to go back in time and hit myself.” I commented.

Then all of a sudden, a future me came out of nowhere and hit me. “That’s for failing!” I shouted. I then disappeared. “Wish granted.” I thought. I soon landed at the bottom.

And there they were. Staring at me were MJM and Lee. They failed the jump too. “Don’t judge us.” they said.

#13: Time Travelling Boat

We looked around. We had fallen into another poorly lighted cave system. Lee and I could see faint silhouettes from the walls of the cave. MJM, on the other hand, had no trouble seeing. He could see every scratch, cut, crevasse and other systems.

“How can you see everything so well?” Lee asked. “Well,” answered MJM, “As you may have remembered, everything on our planet is made of cheese, so the ligh--” MJM was interrupted by a screaming Lee and I. “Run! The pixelation!”

The pixelation was quite reckless. Instead of last time, it was causing the cave to collapse, and sent square blocks flailing everywhere. I saw an abandoned mineshaft up in the distance. There were some old torches, emitting enough light to be seen from a distance.

The mine shaft was connected to cave that was on top of the island. We soon ran back to the hole we had failed so miserably on. “We won’t make the jump!” shouted MJM doubtfully. But I had an idea. I shoved MJM onto the hole horizontally, and as I expected, He hung on like a human bridge. Lee and I ran over, and as I crossed over, I grabbed his tail, pulling him away and onto his feet in an instant.

But the pixelation hadn’t stopped. It followed us quickly. Luckily, Vaifoa had left his old boat lying on the shore, and so we jumped in. I shoved lever up to full power, and we wooshed off. Lee looked back. There was a tridecahedron battery lying in the back. “Hey, look at this!” Lee said. The two of us switched places, and while Lee drove, I fitted the battery in. “Let’s hope this works.” I thought cautiously.

With an electric spark and a whoosh, we were racing through space time, in a boat. Soon enough, we were 10 minutes back in time, giving us a huge amount of time to flee to the shore.

There was a car in a parking. MJM and I transferred the battery while Lee hooked the boat to the pier. Lee walked up, obviously contemplating something. “What’s wrong?” MJM asked thoughtfully.

“Oh, nothing really.” replied Lee. “Just thinking. What is the time-space thing’s purpose?” I stopped working, thinking of the answer. Then it hit me. “I know!” I shouted. “What is it?” asked Lee & MJM simultaneously. “My theory,” I continued, “Might explain the space-time area we go through.”

13½: Theory Of Time
Theory Of Time:                                 Copyrighted by me

There are multiple parallel universes. By going really fast, and with an electric spark, one can break through the space-time fabric and travel into the next universe.

Going back in time
Your friend trips over. You go back in time to stop them. But, you are actually going through a wormhole into the next universe. Because of the speed you are going at to make the leap possible, you are reversing time to the desired moment. And now let’s say you stop your friend from tripping. This creates a domino effect in the other universes.

If you want to go back in time again, then you go into the next universe, and it creates a domino effect in the other universes, and so on.

That also means that there is still a universe that not only does your friend trip over, you also magically disappear forever in the universe you left. But don’t worry, there will never be 2 of you in the same universe. The domino effect will continue, and the you from the universe you go into, will go into the next universe.

Going forward in time
Going forward is pretty much the same as going back. No explanation needed.

“You do need an explanation for going to the future!” protested MJM. I didn’t care. The car was done, I was out of paper, it had been 9 minutes and I wanted to leave. “No time to explain.” I told Lee and MJM. “Jump in.”

They both jumped in, and I slammed the pedal. We zoomed through the countryside. “It’s amazing how little cars there are.” commented Lee. ZWOOP! We entered space time. I started to slow down. “1... 2... 3... 4...” I counted out loud.

“What are you doing!?” shouted Lee. “We are going to slip through dimensions!” I replied. “5... 6... 7... 8... 9...”

#14: Zombie Choir, Pixel Duel, and Multiverse!

“10!” I shouted. As the wormhole closed, we slipped through, bringing us into what looked like spheres stacked on each other in a way that we could see all of the universes.

“My theory was right!” I cheered. MJM and Lee looked at me funny. We looked back at all the universes. We could enter any one. I looked at the first universe. Vaifoa, Jordan and I were nowhere to been seen. That was because we had time travelled. MJM, Lee, and everyone else were there.

But something was wrong. Everyone looked like zombies, and we saw two people stuck inside. “Let’s go!” shouted MJM, and he slammed the gas pedal. ZWOOP! We were back in the first universe. The zombies were singing.

Normally zombies just grumble, but these zombies were singing cleary.
“Open the door and let us in!
Leaving us out is a sin!” They sang. Then the zombies saw us. “No no no...” I said hysterically, backing the car. “I don’t want another musical number!”

“Look out!” shouted Lee, who was facing backwards. The car hit something. I turned around too, to see that we had knocked over a boy. “Hurry up Miko!” another voice shouted. “Who are you?” I asked them. “Miko and Darfol!” They shouted. The climbed in. “Hey!” shouted MJM. “Get o--” “JUST DRIVE!” Miko shouted.

I slammed the gas pedal. We soon escaped the crowd. Majority of the zombies were surrounding the house, so we had time to rest. We asked Miko and Darfol about what was going on. They explained what had happened.

I looked around. Besides the zombies, everything was peaceful. No pixelation, no me, no Jordan, no Vaifoa. I looked in the boot of the car. MJM, Lee, Miko and Darfol were all talking about their lives. I walked back over to them. “Everything alright?” Lee asked. “No.” I replied. “Follow me.” We walked over to the car.

“There is no Herobrine here because I’m not around to let him out.” I told Lee. “I could stop the zombies, but Jordan and Vaifoa won’t be here.” I climbed in the car. “Plan?” Lee asked, as we reached 4969km/h. “I’m going to stop Herobrine from coming out of the computer. Then, I’m going to make myself get rid of the blueprint.”

ZWOOP! We were back in space-time. After clipping through space-time, we were back by the universes. We went into the universe after the one where we had left Jordan and Vaifoa to be pixelated.

We went 13 months into the future. There was Herobrine, ruling over everyone. Lee jumped out. Herobrine looked at Lee. I hid underneath the car, so that I couldn’t be seen. “Herobrine, I challenge you to a duel!” Lee shouted. “Fine.” smiled Herobrine, thinking that victory was indisputable. He teleported Lee and himself somewhere. I jumped out the car and looked around.

We had to win the duel, and fast. Soon, I would be putting on the helmet and seeing everything. Everything was pixelated, and people were in Minecraft form, except for Lee and I, so we wouldn’t be recognised. I saw a command block in the distance, with a lever attached to it. I entered the code: /tp Iisa Lee , and flicked the lever.

I was by Lee, and I was holding the two items. Quickly, I entered another code and gave Lee an overpowered diamond sword. The battle began.

#15: End Game

Herobrine had the upper hand of the battle. He was able to summon anything on Lee in an instant, but it would take a while for me to enter the commands. Finally, Lee was able to get hits on Herobrine, and it seemed like we were going to win.

By entering another command, Lee was at full health. But Herobrine was obviously not wanting to accept defeat. He soon summoned mass amounts of mobs. Too much for Lee to fight on his own. So with the final command, I gave myself and Lee the entire overpowered set, and we fought. Lee fought Herobrine, and I fought the zombies.

It was a relentless barrage of mobs, and I didn’t have any time to enter another code. Lee and I were slowly beginning to lose, and Herobrine wasn’t breaking a sweat. Suddenly, a greenish ray zapped the zombies, and pulled them up into a UFO. Out jumped an alien with a giant ray gun.

“Wequast!” I gasped. “No..” replied the alien. “I’m...” “Verrunkgovle!” I interrupted. “No!” shouted the alien. “I’m E.T!” ET shouted. He zapped more zombies the spawned. “Really ET!” I scolded. “I named an entire part after your last line!”

Not wanting to hear ET’s smart remarks, I went over to help Lee fight Herobrine. Lee and I double teaming against Herobrine turned the tables. Herobrine was losing, no doubt, but the battle was going on for ages. The battle had to end soon, otherwise the 13-month younger me in the past would see this.

STAB! Lee was stabbed right on the 13-month mark by Herobrine. Quickly, I put everything together. Now I was going to tell Lee what was going to happen, Lee would spend the night, and we would time travel to the future to fight Herobrine. So quickly, I ran to the car. Herobrine was hot on my trail.

Screenshot 2015-11-30 at 16.01.25.png

“You aren’t escaping!” Herobrine shouted. He was about to destroy the car, but ET used his tractor beam to stop Herobrine. I slammed the pedal down, almost like I was intending to kick it into smithereens. In 3 seconds, the car was at 4990 km/h. But the tractor beam couldn’t Herobrine for long. I was zooming along a square pixelated landscape with Herobrine right behind me.

ZWOOP! I entered space-time. Herobrine didn’t make it. I went into the next universe, around the time when I was sleeping. ZWOOP! I was parked outside my house. I crept inside. Vaifoa and Jordan were spending the night too. They were playing games, probably trying to achieve an all-nighter.

I snuck past them and went into my room. I had to put myself off of travelling through time, otherwise I would go there with Lee and try to fight Herobrine. And then I would die. After much thinking, I heard Jordan or Vaifoa say ‘creepypasta’.

I knew what to do. I came up with a short story and said it quietly. I was going to scare myself. After I finished the story, I drew a quick drawing that would scare myself further. I hid behind the bed when I woke up. I ripped up the blueprint, and went back to sleep.

I jumped out through the window and ran into the car. After all the times Lee had helped me stay alive, I had to make sure that he would be alive too. “Take care.” I said, before going back into the future to stop Herobrine.

Herobrine was waiting by the time I came back. ET was dead again, (not much surprise there,) and everyone else were still slaves. “You really think that you can defeat me?” Herobrine asked, acting like I had no chance.

I smiled, and walked over to the command block. “If a giant zombie can defeat you, so can I!” I shouted. With one last flick of the lever it was on. I charged at Herobrine. “This is the your end game!” I shouted, lunging at Herobrine, the final battle was on.

I was winning the fight. A few more blows and Herobrine would be gone. STAB! I was stabbed in the same spot that Lee was stabbed. As I fell to the ground, blood gushing out from my wound, I thought of all my friends along this mess of a trip. Rory, Mitch, ET, Jordan, MJM, Vaifoa, Miko, Darfol, and Lee. “They’re all dead.” I whispered in a tone of regret.

Determined to avenge them, I got up. Herobrine watched me. “You can’t defeat me. Not with that wound.” But I had a trick up my sleeve. I summoned a giant zombie. It went to attack Herobrine. Herobrine must have been practicing, because he killing the giant. But he was low. One more blow, and Herobrine would be no more.

I ran at Herobrine. I felt like collapsing. I had lost a lot of blood, and I was still losing blood. STAB! Herobrine and I stabbed each other at the same time, both in the heart. Herobrine dissipated into nothing, and the world transformed back into it’s normal form. I had done it.

I stumbled into the car. I didn’t want to be seen by another me, so I went back in time, into the first universe. But the car wasn’t going fast enough. ZWOOP! I ended up on the island. I was alright, but the entire back half was stuck in space-time. I looked around. The dirt house was still there, and I walked in. It was going to probably be the last place that this me would see.

Lee was there. I sat down next to him. “Looks like Lee isn't the only that dies on this island.” I said, barely smiling or breathing. I stood up, walked to the sand, and lay down. I closed my eyes and thought of all of my friends.

Screenshot 2015-12-01 at 09.52.06.pngThe sun slowly went down past the horizon, illuminating the sky in a orange-yellow colour. I looked at my wound. It had closed, leaving my blood level extremely low. Any lower and I would’ve died. I rest my head on the sand. No zombies would find me here, so I would be able to live the rest of my life here.

“Rory, Mitch, ET, Jordan, MJM, Vaifoa, Miko, Darfol, and Lee.” I thought. “You guys were crazy, just like me.” I closed my eyes. “But I’ll never forget any of you. You guys are, and will always be amazing.”

“MATE! WE’RE HERE!” Shouted a voice. I turned around. There was Jordan, MJM, Vaifoa, Miko, Darfol and Lee. “How are you alive?” I asked. “If Lee can come back from the dead, so can we!” Vaifoa smiled. “Well, let's get started. We’re stuck on this island.” Lee said.

“Yay! Another survival island! Bring the squids! Let’s time travel!” I laughed. Jordan looked at me. “You’re crazy.” he said.

The End!

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  1. Iisa this is tremendous. I am so pleased you have brought this to a resolution before you finished school here at Pt England. I do admire your perseverance as well as your story telling skills.

    Please keep blogging through college!

    Mrs Burt