Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Back To The Present Part 15: End Game

Quickly, I entered another code and gave Lee an overpowered diamond sword. The battle began.

Back To The Present:
Written By Iisa

Part 15: End Game

Herobrine had the upper hand of the battle. He was able to summon anything on Lee in an instant, but it would take a while for me to enter the commands. Finally, Lee was able to get hits on Herobrine, and it seemed like we were going to win.

By entering another command, Lee was at full health. But Herobrine was obviously not wanting to accept defeat. He soon summoned mass amounts of mobs. Too much for Lee to fight on his own. So with the final command, I gave myself and Lee the entire overpowered set, and we fought. Lee fought Herobrine, and I fought the zombies.

It was a relentless barrage of mobs, and I didn’t have any time to enter another code. Lee and I were slowly beginning to lose, and Herobrine wasn’t breaking a sweat. Suddenly, a greenish ray zapped the zombies, and pulled them up into a UFO. Out jumped an alien with a giant ray gun.

“Wequast!” I gasped. “No..” replied the alien. “I’m...” “Verrunkgovle!” I interrupted. “No!” shouted the alien. “I’m E.T!” ET shouted. He zapped more zombies the spawned. “Really ET!” I scolded. “I named an entire part after your last line!”

Not wanting to hear ET’s smart remarks, I went over to help Lee fight Herobrine. Lee and I double teaming against Herobrine turned the tables. Herobrine was losing, no doubt, but the battle was going on for ages. The battle had to end soon, otherwise the 13-month younger me in the past would see this.

STAB! Lee was stabbed right on the 13-month mark by Herobrine. Quickly, I put everything together. Now I was going to tell Lee what was going to happen, Lee would spend the night, and we would time travel to the future to fight Herobrine. So quickly, I ran to the car. Herobrine was hot on my trail.

“You aren’t escaping!” Herobrine shouted. He was about to destroy
the car, but ET used his tractor beam to stop Herobrine. I slammed the pedal down, almost like I was intending to kick it into smithereens. In 3 seconds, the car was at 4990 km/h. But the tractor beam couldn’t Herobrine for long. I was zooming along a square pixelated landscape with Herobrine right behind me.

ZWOOP! I entered space-time. Herobrine didn’t make it. I went into the next universe, around the time when I was sleeping. ZWOOP! I was parked outside my house. I crept inside. Vaifoa and Jordan were spending the night too. They were playing games, probably trying to achieve an all-nighter.

I snuck past them and went into my room. I had to put myself off of travelling through time, otherwise I would go there with Lee and try to fight Herobrine. And then I would die. After much thinking, I heard Jordan or Vaifoa say ‘creepypasta’.

I knew what to do. I came up with a short story and said it quietly. I was going to scare myself. After I finished the story, I drew a quick drawing that would scare myself further. I hid behind the bed when I woke up. I ripped up the blueprint, and went back to sleep.

I jumped out through the window and ran into the car. After all the times Lee had helped me stay alive, I had to make sure that he would be alive too. “Take care.” I said, before going back into the future to stop Herobrine.

Herobrine was waiting by the time I came back. ET was dead again, (not much surprise there,) and everyone else were still slaves. “You really think that you can defeat me?” Herobrine asked, acting like I had no chance.

I smiled, and walked over to the command block. “If a giant zombie can defeat you, so can I!” I shouted. With one last flick of the lever it was on. I charged at Herobrine. “This is the your end game!” I shouted, lunging at Herobrine, the final battle was on.

I was winning the fight. A few more blows and Herobrine would be gone. STAB! I was stabbed in the same spot that Lee was stabbed. As I fell to the ground, blood gushing out from my wound, I thought of all my friends along this mess of a trip. Rory, Mitch, ET, Jordan, MJM, Vaifoa, Miko, Darfol, and Lee. “They’re all dead.” I whispered in a tone of regret.

Determined to avenge them, I got up. Herobrine watched me. “You can’t defeat me. Not with that wound.” But I had a trick up my sleeve. I summoned a giant zombie. It went to attack Herobrine. Herobrine must have been practicing, because he killing the giant. But he was low. One more blow, and Herobrine would be no more.

I ran at Herobrine. I felt like collapsing. I had lost a lot of blood, and I was still losing blood. STAB! Herobrine and I stabbed each other at the same time, both in the heart. Herobrine dissipated into nothing, and the world transformed back into it’s normal form. I had done it.

I stumbled into the car. I didn’t want to be seen by another me, so I went back in time, into the first universe. But the car wasn’t going fast enough. ZWOOP! I ended up on the island. I was alright, but the entire back half was stuck in space-time. I looked around. The dirt house was still there, and I walked in. It was going to probably be the last place that this me would see.

Lee was there. I sat down next to him. “Looks like Lee isn’t the only that dies on this island.” I said, barely smiling or breathing. I stood up, walked to the sand, and lay down. I closed my eyes and thought of all of my friends.

The sun slowly went down past the horizon, illuminating the sky in a orange-yellow colour. I looked at my wound. It had closed, leaving my blood level extremely low. Any lower and I would've died. I rest my head on the sand. No zombies would find me here, so I would be able to live the rest of my life here.

“Rory, Mitch, ET, Jordan, MJM, Vaifoa, Miko, Darfol, and Lee.” I thought. “You guys were crazy, just like me.” I closed my eyes. “But I’ll never forget any of you. You guys are, and will always be amazing.”

“MATE! WE'RE HERE!” Shouted a voice. I turned around. There was Jordan, MJM, Vaifoa, Miko, Darfol and Lee. “How are you alive?” I asked. “If Lee can come back from the dead, so can we!” Vaifoa smiled. “Well, let's get started. We’re stuck on this island.” Lee said.

“Yay! Another survival island! Bring the squids! Let’s time travel!” I laughed. Jordan looked at me. “You're crazy.” he said.

The End!

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