Thursday, December 24, 2015

Jingle Bells Parody

Dashing through the sky
In a 9 reindeer sleigh
Over the houses we go
Ho ho-ing all the way
Bells on the sides ring
Waking people up
Santa’s doing a terrible job
I think he’s had enough.

Oh, Santa claus, Santa claus
Why are you so loud?
Your stealth has gone down to 0
Even though you’re in the clouds
Oh, Santa claus, Santa claus
Please just lose some weight
Your reindeers are turning red
From carrying too much freight

Santa sees another house
Inside is a child he stalks
And soon enough he climbing down
Getting stabbed by forks
The child clearly hates him
Thinks that Santa is a creep
But Santa pulls down his pants
And makes the child shriek

A laser gun, laser gun
Was hidden in his pants
Santa’s shooting everyone
Even the infants
Smashing the door, coming in
Is the police
They had been waiting all year
To arrest this giant beast

Pull the trigger, but aim first
And shoot this man
But the reindeers come out of nowhere
Causing a crash
Santa’s escaped, traumatising
Many children's lives
The cops are now searching for him

“Santa: Wanted dead or alive”

1 comment:

  1. I like the 2nd and the 3rd one Even I like how you add heaps of detail and I like the second one because it say please just lose so weight and I like the 3rd one because it say but Santa pulls his pants down.That why I like the 2nd one and the 3rd.From punaiuru