Tuesday, December 29, 2015

John Waturdose

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One of our last tasks in Music Tech was to create a fictional superhero and create a fact file about them. My hero was John Waturdose. Another thing we had to add was a song or more to go with the hero, and one we made ourselves. The 3 themes from YouTube was xStep, Theory Of Everything, and The Flying Kipper Theme. My made up song was titled 'The New Superhero', and I think it suits this really weird person.

Not only that, I also made a poem about him in my spare time. Enjoy!

John Waturdose is the new old guy
He is very loud. He is not sly
He has no friends but he does have foes
He sits inside watching all the TV shows.

Early each morning as the sun rises,
John puts on his rainbow disguises
Kidnapping coffee and making dreams torn,
Stay away from him. You have been warned.

The battle of LA was his birth date,
That’s why he is not one to contemplate
Why no-one knows if he’s a boy or a girl
That’s because he’s out of this world.

He can use super strength for a small time
He can also rap. But he can’t rhyme
John is the bestest I can be cool
That’s an example. What a fool.

Forever his life, he has never had two
of the same kind of shoe
He never had one to go on his left
John always says that it was theft

Pink Iron Man hat and Spiderman Hand
John is the one who rules this land.
With tape-on wings and pink underpants,
This guy will scare any kind of infants.

Sock tan line and blue tie,
John killed the cake that was a lie
Purple-black staff and a belt too short
He has no favourite kind of sport.

Tan-ish skin and pale white toes

This has been a poem about John Waturdose.

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