Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Life At Pt England

I am happy with this year, because I have been having a whole bunch of things happening, and I have managed to keep most of it under control. Being a prefect is hard, and I have had times when things clashed. But I think that I have done well. A few scrapes here and there, but overall, it has been good.

At the start of the year, I kept wanting to do everything with the new responsibilities. Because of that, I would find myself stressing over time. But I have working on my time management skills, and I have ended the year rather happy, no longer stressed.


On Thursday 10th of December 2015, we had our Prizegiving. Many people had been waiting for this day, and then it came. Because we have 8 year levels, our Prizegivings have been split into two. The senior prizegiving was in the evening. At the prizegiving, the Kapa Haka group first performed, then the award giving begun.

The great thing with our items was that all of them were different. There was dancing, a bit of acting, and singing. Soon, our item was up. I had a small script to say at the start, and I managed to accomplish it. I feel that I managed the dancing too. 

At the end of the night, I received five awards. First one was for movie making, most likely because I was the only one able to finish animations at high standards early. Two, school service award, for being a Prefect. Number three, PENN presenter of the year. Fourth, "Parehuia Manu O Te Tau", or Bird of the year toanga. It was for my consistent activities in Te Reo Maori. Fifth and my favourite one, Dux. 

I was really shocked when I found out that I won the last two awards. I thought that the Bird of the year award would go to someone else, like a Maori person! Winning this trophy meant that I was the first non-Maori to win it. But my teachers said that I deserved it. The Dux trophy, I thought was going to go to Ana, and I finish second, but Mr Burt said that it was not because I was in extension, or because of the test results, but because of my ability to get high marks on rubrics.

On the Bird of the year trophy and the Dux trophy, it had the names of the previous winners engraved on it. And by 2015 was my name. Looking at the Dux trophy, I was also the first boy since 2011 to win it. I later showed Jordan, who came 3rd, his sisters name, which was also engraved.

I want to congratulate everyone that won an award at Prizegiving, as they so deserved it.

Last Day At Pt England

All of us year 7 & 8's were sad to see this day come. It was the last day at PES as students. At the end of the final assembly, all of us year 8s broke into tears, including me. We had spent the last 8 years growing connections, and now most of the people we connected with were going to other places, leaving us with the fact that we will most likely never see some of those people ever again. It was truly saddening to have to go. I will never forget my time there.

So now I would like to thank all the people that have taught me knowledge, sport, and to enjoy myself and to have fun. I have had many teachers teach me, some for more than a year, and those 3 teachers are Mrs King, Mrs Tele'a, and Mrs Lagitupu. You have taught me the most and I am truly grateful for that. So now to all the teachers that have taught me, and my friends, thank you.

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