Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Life @ PES

I started school in 2008. My family had recently moved, and Pt England was the best school to them out of the area we were in. I was in Mrs Lal's class, Room 3, but for Reading and Maths I would go over to Mrs George's class, Room 1. I soon became friends with a boy in room 3 named Leighton, and Shalom from Room 1. Around term 4, Shalom and I had Mrs King come to teach us more about reading. At the end of the year, I, as well as some other students, won Academic promise.

In 2009 I was with Mrs Glaze for year 2. Leighton was in Room 8, and so I didn't get to see him much of the school year. So, I became friends with Jordan and Tyrone, who were also in my class. Halfway through the year we had a spelling bee, and I came 5th because I couldn't spell turned properly. But at the end of the year, I got 1st place.

2010 rolled around, and I was a year 3. It was my first time being in a mixed class, a year 3&4 class. There was only 4 year 3's in the class, so we did feel uncomfortable at the start. But we soon settled in, and enjoyed the year. When term 4 came, so did Mrs MacKinlay's baby. So for term 4, we had Mrs Maude. I ended the year fairly well, getting first place in academics.

Now it was 2011, and I was with Mrs King. I was in another mixed class, year 4&5. But from that year onwards, we worked on netbooks. I became friends with Sosaia, and Shalom, Sosaia and I would hang out all the time. A new girl named Thea had joined the class, and she was in the same groups as Shalom and I, and she would boss us around every time we had a task to complete. Some students were also selected to go to Mrs Tele'a's class for extension. It was really fun. We were also presenters for PENN, our school news network. At the end of the year, Shalom and Thea both beat me, leaving me in 3rd place.

When 2012 came, I was in Mrs King's class again. I was really frustrated at Thea. I had been beat by a girl! Frustrated by this, I worked hard to ensure that I would win 1st again, then I would rub it in her face. But Shalom and Thea left by the end of Term 3, so I never found out who was smarter. I was also in extension again, this time in the year 5&6 group. Another thing happening was the Maniakalani Film Festival, and my group did a MTV for it. We first had a small class competition, and the 2 best movies would go to the festival. My groups movie made the cut, and I was one of the presenters. I ended 2012 with first place.

Confident that 2013 was going to be easy, I mucked around. I was one of the school ambassadors, which pushed my cockiness further. I was also in year 5&6 extension. I also got Minecraft on my netbook, and I was being sneaky during class, until I was caught. I almost got the boot from being an ambassador, and I had to serve a massive punishment. A new girl named Ana had joined the class,(Déjà vu,) and she was making me cross, as she would always get high marks on our tasks. For one week in Term 4, we went to Kawau Island for a camp. I was with all of my friends, and I was confident that our team would win. We came 3rd. And I came 2nd in academics, to Ana.

I was trying hard to change my ways when 2014 came, and I changed. I worked hard, and in return, I did the Prefects job of the Mihi during assembly when they were absent, I was one of the directors of the year 7&8 extension movie, I created 1-3 minute animations that met the standards, and best of all, I got 1st place again, and I became a prefect.

My last year, 2015 had now arrived, and I dreaded the day that the school year would end. At the start of the year, I kept wanting to do everything with the new responsibilities. Because of that, I would find myself stressing over time. But I have working on my time management skills, and I have ended the year rather happy, no longer stressed. I would often put my animations before maths, because even if no-one else wanted to animate, I would often only be allowed 2 minutes on the computer. I did find it difficult, having to complete animations, reading tasks, stories, maths tasks, and extension tasks! During Term 3, we had to produce a movie for the Maniakalani Film festival. I had a full story set and ready to go, but Mrs Tele'a, our teacher, was so busy that by the time we could work on the movie, we had 3 days to do so, and the quality was compromised. By the end of the year, I ended up winning 5 awards, one of them being 1st place in academics. I was so happy to win it, but I couldn't have done it without the help of all the teachers I had. I want to thank all the teachers for a great 8 year life here, and I hope that we can see each other again.

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