Monday, December 21, 2015

Theory Of Time

While writing Part 13 for Back To The Present, I came up with a theory about time travel. This is the theory that was used for Part 13½.

There are multiple parallel universes. By going really fast, and with an electric spark, one can break through the space-time fabric and travel into the next universe.

The Theory
Your friend trips over. You go back in time to stop them. But, you are actually going through a wormhole into the next universe. Because of the speed you are going at to make the leap possible, you are reversing time to the desired moment. And now let’s say you stop your friend from tripping. This creates a domino effect in the other universes.

If you want to go back in time again, then you go into the next universe, and it creates a domino effect in the other universes, and so on.

That also means that there is still a universe that not only does your friend trip over, you also magically disappear in the universe you left. And to add onto that, there are 2 you's in that universe. The two of you will not be the same; one will be older.

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