Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Collection Of Animations

My ANZAC animation from Term 2 last year had links to all of my animations underneath the animation, contemplating on what to blog about next, I decided to put all my animations together (excluding 'The Yanomami And Other Animations') with a small description.

2012  My first animation. This is what got my animation gears going, and I am thankful for that. Short it may be, but this is the starting point of my animations.

2013  My first animation on a real thing, an Orca. I made it really gory on purpose, so that little kids grew up knowing not to mess with the Orcas.

This animation was made by an absent-minded year 6(me), and I never bothered to actually check how the milk was made, and the animation was done on how I think it was made.

2014  Mrs Lagitupu was gathering animations for our class movie for PENN, and my animation was almost finished. When the class went out for P.E, I worked on the voiceover, making it my first voiceover with no-one else's voice in it.

This animation, I bothered to check how sound travels from the ear to the brain. It was a great success, and I am proud of it.

In extension we had to create a product out of two items that we mixed together, for the upcoming 40 hr famine. I was the only one who finished the animation on that day.
This is my 2nd personal favourite. This animation was created during my free time, not part of any tasks. Unfortunately there was no sequel, but I kept what was done of Part 2 and put it in the Yanomami and other animations. Seeing that there may never be another animation of this, the story goes:
Steve searches what gaming history does, and it turns out that everything he breaks opens a portal into another game, going backwards, until he runs out of games and deteriorates. Steve then goes on a journey through games to save himself from the cheat known as 'Gaming History'.

2015  This animation started out by me drawing some pictures, full colour and black and white, and then I merged them together. I didn't know what to do for a voiceover, and Mrs Tele'a suggested reading 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae, and it was a success.

My favourite animation. We had to create a fictional animal and animate about it,(origins, food, habitat, etc.) This was so much fun creating, and adding the O-faces made me laugh. When I was animating the last bit, I was worried about being sued by McDonalds for making their company look bad, so I changed it to McDernalds, with a mascot named Douglas McDernald.

As stated in my 'Thomas' blogpost, this animation was part of a bigger project, which remains unfinished. This is really all that is left of it, as all of the computers should be re-imaged by now. It's a sad story for me, but the silver lining is that this part was on the final episode of PENN 2015, so people got to see it. Any year 8's willing to finish the animation (hint, hint, Jordan S!), feel free to do so.

This has been a collection of my animations from 2012-2015. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Hi Iisa,

    Wow! These are great animations! I love to see your collection. You are clearly very creative. If you'd like to continue your creative streak this summer you could join the Summer Learning Journey. (I've already written to you on another post to invite you to join but when I saw this post I was really inspired to write to you again).

    There are a number of fun, creative activities included in the programme that I think you would enjoy. Please think about joining the journey. The website is: https://sites.google.com/site/summerlearningjourney/welcome.