Saturday, January 16, 2016

My predicament

I haven't left the house that much, if at all during my holidays. The cameras we have are full of photos from 2013-2015, and they are all so meaningful that there isn't any space on the camera for updated photos, and the camera on my netbook has broken, so I really can't update this blog with photos. And I don't a phone either. To show how enraged I am, here is a photo of me being angry in 2015.
There aren't actually many photos of me being angry that aren't blurred. Well anyway, what it means is that for my holiday, only old and drawn pictures are going to be on my blog.


  1. Iisa why don't you upload all the photos from the camera to your Google Drive and free up space on the camera? Or if your parents have a Gmail then they have Drive too.
    Easy Peasy

  2. Hi Iisa,

    Mrs Burt and I are definitely on the same page! I was just about to suggest exactly the same thing to you. Google Drive is a great place to store your precious photos. It has a huge capacity and should be able to store all of the pictures that you and your family have taken.

    It is also nice to store them on Google Drive because they are quite safe and you don't risk losing them if the camera got lost! I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I accidentally lost my camera a few years ago and all of the pictures that were saved on the camera were also lost. I was so upset!

    If you're able to clear your camera and want to take some more pictures please consider logging onto the Summer Learning Journey website and completing the activities for Day 5 (Week 2). For this activity you are asked to imagine that you have recently arrived in a brand new country and have to think about how you might feel. You are then able to either write a poem about your feelings or take a selfie (or both!).

    I completed the activity and posted a picture of myself looking scared! How do you think that you might feel about traveling to somewhere you've never been before? Happy? Scared? Excited? Stevenson Erick posted a great picture of himself looking really happy and excited! Feel free to check it out on his blog.

    Please also feel free to log onto the Summer Learning Journey site anytime to participate in the programme. I will be online for another full week so there is plenty of time to get involved. There are prizes up for grabs for people who participate so please consider participating this summer :)