Monday, January 18, 2016

Summer Learning Journey W2:D5

Get out the plane, it's the end of my flight,
Looking for a new place to stay tonight
I have been in Australia before,
But this time I will be doing more.

Booked a nice place to stay, at a hotel
Product placement not included, as you can tell.
First night over and I wake up
Breakfast is pancakes with maple syrup
Get the chores done and I'm on my way
I'm gonna have a great day today.

Walking to a park with many rides
Speaking in English, I order pies
The rides are great! I'm having fun!
But I'm sweating hard, underneath the sun.

The day soon ends, I loved the place
I left with a happy smile on my face
Tomorrow we go to the beach
And that's how I'll spend the rest of my week!

English to Maori Translation

Hello : Kia Ora
How are you? : Kei te pēhea koe?
I'm am hot. (because it's hot): Kei te wera ahau.
Do you speak English? : E korero koe Ingarihi
How much does this taxi cost? : E hia te utu tenei tēkihi ?
Thank you! : Mauruuru e koe!


  1. Good morning Iisa!

    It is wonderful to see that you have decided to join our summer learning journey. Welcome!

    I really enjoyed reading your poem about traveling to Australia. It is extremely detailed and it is very well written. If I was you, I would also spend my week at the beach. It can be very hot in Australia so sitting beside the water can make it much more comfortable. You may also want to consider venturing out to visit the zoo, local museums, shops or theatres when you are in Australia. I have been to both Brisbane and Sydney and they each have a number of fascinating places to visit. I particularly like the botanical gardens in Sydney that are right down by the water (and by the world famous opera house).

    If you are interested in continuing with you Australian adventure please consider scrolling through the other activities that are posted on the 'Summer Learning Journey' website. There are other opportunities to write poems and take pictures as well as opportunities to learn about the sports, movies and television programmes that are popular in a variety of countries. You might find it really interesting...

    I'll check back in with your blog spot again tomorrow to see if you've posted anything new!

    In the meantime, enjoy your day. I am going to try out some of the new Maori phrases that you taught me in the blog post above. Before now I wasn't quite sure how to say 'Thank You' properly in Te Reo.

    So, Mauruuru e koe for teaching me some Maori!


  2. Hello (again) Iisa!

    I just wanted to let you know that your recent blog earned you so many points that you are currently in third place in the standings for Pt England school. It was a great idea to post your poem and a selfie along with the translated Maori words. In one post you earned 18 points and overtook the recent 3rd place blogger, Alexis. Well done!

    Keep up the great work and you will be challenging Stevenson and Joshua for first place at your school:)


  3. Whoa! Already in third place!

    Keep going Iisa!

    -Willy (remember me?)

  4. Hello Iisa,

    Great poem!! I must be hungry this morning, as 'pancakes and maple syrup' and 'pies' jumped out at me, haha! Another reason why though, is that these are common to get in NZ and Australia, but not so common here in Germany where I now live! Are there any dishes that are typical in Australia but not really eaten in NZ??