Thursday, January 21, 2016

Summer Learning Journey W2:D8

There are 4 people in my family. My parents, my sister, and me. My sister's name is Mariam. My sister is now in year 12 at Glendowie College, and I am entering year 9 at Selwyn College. My grandparents and my cousins live in Pakuranga. I have 2 cats, and 7 chickens.

Interview w/ My mum

Where were you born? Cape Town, South Africa
How many siblings do you have? 1
What is your favourite thing about New Zealand? Local calls are free, and it's safer than South Africa.
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? All around the world for a nice holiday.


  1. Hi Iisa,

    Thanks for sharing the information about your family. It's really exciting to think that you will soon be embarking on a new experience at Selwyn College. I hope that you really enjoy high school!

    I also hope that you will continue to post blogs and to share them with the world. I know that students around the world have been enjoyed reading them! Most of the students are also attending high school but they're in the northern hemisphere so are currently nearing the end of their first semester of school. They will soon write exams and then have a short break before semester II begins!

    I see that your mom is from South Africa. I have always wanted to visit the country but I understand that it isn't always very safe. I have some really good friends who are from Pretoria, South Africa. Like your mom, they moved away from home and now live in the UK. Have you ever gone back to visit South Africa with your mom?

    I hope that both you and she will be able to travel the world one day on holiday. It would be a pretty spectacular trip, I bet!

    If you did plan a trip around the world, where would you go first? I think that I'd want to start in China...


  2. P.S. I hope that you've noticed the flash new blogging award that was posted on your site by Mrs Burt. It was posted there because you have been an active participant in the Summer Learning Journey programme this year. Well done and keep up the great blogging!


  3. Hi again Iisa,

    It's great to read about your family, thanks for sharing! 7 chickens!! Cool!!! Oh it would indeed be great to travel all around the world for a holiday! I am from NZ but currently living in Germany, and while I am here I am trying to visit lots of different places. But the world is so big, and there are so many amazing countries to visit!! I'd be really interested in knowing what would be on your 'top 5' list of countries to definitely not miss out on, and why?

    Great blogging, keep it up!!


  4. Hi Iisa,

    I just read through Carolyn's post and I, too, would love to know what your' Top 5' countries would be. Her question certainly made me think quite hard about where I'd like to go and I think that my Top 5 would be:

    1. Vietnam
    2. Peru
    3. Turkey
    4. Greece
    5. Iceland

    What about you?

    (Hope that you're enjoying the beautiful sunshine this week-end. It is truly stunning, isn't it?!)


  5. Hi Iisa,

    This is just a friendly reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday) is the final day of the Summer Learning Journey. You have done so well recently and completed a huge number of activities. If you'd like to earn a few more points before the programme ends, please log on and blog tonight and/or tomorrow!


  6. Howdy Iisa,

    Hows your holidays going? Good to see you posting actively on your blog.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Hi Stevenson,

      It is great to see that you are reading other student's blogs and commenting on the awesome work that they're doing. I also love it that Iisa is posting so actively on his blog. Like you, his posts are really interesting!

      Keep it up guys. Great work:)

      Cheers, Rachel