Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Summer Learning Journey W3:D14

Week 3? Day 14? You may be wondering. My previous post was still in Week 2 of the Summer Learning Journey. Today is the final day to enter posts in the Summer Learning Journey, so I thought, "Let's do the final one instead!" Here we go!

It's the final day in Australia. Before I return to New Zealand, I am going to visit 5 landmarks. Here are the places:
1. Bondi Beach
It's a great place to spend the day. You can surf, swim, and walk there.
2. Great Barrier Reef
A fantastic place to see over 2,300km of coral and marine life
3. Sydney Opera House
It's Australia's iconic performing arts centre. How could I not go?
4. Melbourne City Centre
It's full of things to do! You can admire the wonderful night-life, art, opera, and so much more!
5. Uluru
Another famous landmark. You cannot leave without seeing it first.

I have now landed back in New Zealand. Here are some landmarks that I have visited.

1. Rainbows End
New Zealand's most known amusement park.
2. Sky tower
The tallest building in NZ.
3. Beehive
NZ's government house. I went there with the other ambassadors in 2013.
4. Waiwera
One of New Zealand's biggest water parks.
5. Splash Planet
Another park, but with more wet and dry rides.

Me and the ambassadors in Wellington, 2013


  1. Hi Iisa,

    Welcome to Week 3! What a good idea to spring ahead and complete the final set of activities for the programme. I really like Day 14 and I am glad to see that you've decided to blog about the landmarks that you would visit both in Australia and here in New Zealand.

    Speaking of New Zealand, have you personally visited any of the five landmarks that you listed? I have been to the Beehive and the Sky Tower but not to Waiwere, Splash Planet or Rainbow's End. My son, Aronui, has been asking me to take him to Rainbow's End for awhile so I really better head one of these days, I reckon!

    Hope that you are staying dry and out of the rain today. They're calling for huge thunderstorms around Auckland. It certainly wouldn't be a great day to be out sightseeing today!



  2. Hi Iisa, I'm a teacher at Ōtaki College and we were shown your blog and others from your school at a course today. I was really impressed to see you blogging over the holidays! Your blog is a great record of your learning and I will probably show it to my Year 10 class, so go you! Awesome work and thanks for sharing it to the world! :-)
    Jess Wilson, Ōtaki College.

  3. Hi Iisa,

    Congratulations! You were the third most active blogger from Pt England School for the Summer Learning Journey programme this year. Way to go!

    I see that you have already had others comment on your holiday blogging and you should be really proud. It's an awesome achievement!

    In order to improve the programme for next year and encourage more people to blog over summer, I'd love to have your feedback on the Summer Learning Journey. To provide feedback, simply click on the 'Feedback Tab' on the Summer Learning Journey website. The form is really quick and easy to complete. I would be so grateful to have your feedback and to hear your ideas!

    Finally, I have a prize for you to acknowledge your awesome work. Would you like me to bring it to your school or drop it off at your house? Please just let me know what works better for you and I'll bring it by in early February.

    Thanks again for participating!!



  4. WHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT!!! You were in Australia, in Sydney? I could've came to see you! Oh well, miss you Iisa, I like the work you have produced, Keep it up!

    Your old bestfriend, Shalom